The Difference between a Recording Engineer and Mixing Engineer Explained

The Difference between a Recording Engineer and Mixing Engineer

Producing a successful song all depends on a lot more than just going to the studio and having your song recorded. It involves the efforts of a music producer, recording engineers, and a mixing engineer to create a pleasing recording. The role these people play in music production differ. Music producers included making sure the artists create the sound they want. However, recording engineers and mixing engineers to come up with the final mix of your song. What is the difference between recording engineer and mixing engineer?

Who is a recording engineer?

A recording engineer is a person who operates the equipment like soundboard and other music equipment under the supervision of a producer. Recording engineers set up the studio and all needed equipment, then use their technical skill to bring the artist’s and producer’s vision to fruition during a recording session.

Who is a mixing engineer?

Mixing engineer, on the other hand, is responsible for combining the various pieces of already recorded music to come up with a final version of the song or the final mix. The Mix engineer, as known by others, mixes the together elements of recorded music to achieve an excellent volume balance and decide on other properties panning and effects.

The importance of a mixing engineer

The post-production is the most crucial part of music production. We know a high-quality track when we hear the effects and vibes of the track that makes you sentimental and groovy. Some of the things mix engineers do include:

  • Panning: decide where to place each instrument in the stereo spectrum, meaning right and left speakers are where they should be.
  • EQ: Mixing engineers know to EQ lows, mids, highs and everything for a mix to sound clean and the instruments take only its intended place.
  • Effects: a mixing engineer also chooses things like reverbs, delays, compressions and other effects. They are then tweaked to turn a lifeless music into something exciting, full and lush.
  • Automation: mixing engineer also does automation when programming fades and pans into parts of the song.

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