Hip Hop Recording Studio Miami

Hip Hop Recording Studio Miami

There is no location barrier for a thriving business. This informs why Mr. Mix and Master, whose name is Vincent A DeLeon, a professional American Multi-Platinum audio engineer, record producer, and studio owner with over 20 years of experience keeps flourishing because of his reputation for turning good and average sounds to great tunes.

He is a foremost online mixing and mastering audio engineer whose mantra is “why make good music when it could be better?” He makes magic within a few days with your raw material by making the finished sound radio ready hip hop quality.

His mixing and mastering company is hinged on affordability, quality, and convenience. No music is entertaining when its mixing and mastering are defective. Since he covets customer satisfaction so much, he offers the best price for the ultimate mix and master service for your music and brand.

His best in-class mastering online starts with a minimum of $40 US dollars, and professional mixing service is pegged at a minimum payment of $110 US dollars. He offers the most competitive prices in the industry.


Vincent Andre DeLeon was born in the late ’80s, and he caught a glimpse of his career as early as age 12. At 19, his ever-burning desire to make music paved the way for him as he rose through the ranks to become one of the best at writing, recording, producing, organizing, mixing, and mastering music with diligence. He has never for once regretted this decision to be the main man making perfect sounds happen behind the scene.

Mr. Mix and Master is a 7-time Grammy-nominated mix engineer, a celebrity in mixing and mastering leading sounds, having produced numerous hit lists for A-list artists across the English and Latin music markets such as The weekend, French Montana, Sean Paul, Manuel Tourizo, Davido, and many other important names in the music world across many musical genres.

He has paid his dues in the mastery of the craft of mastering and mixing, from making records in his closet to producing live sound shows and now mixing and mastering leading records in perfect studios around the world.

Mr. Mix and Master guarantee radio-ready sound, whether from the sound you recorded in your bedroom or a song recorded in a professional recording studio. We make aim to perfect your best shot at music.


Mr. Vinny has put up quite some studios in his illustrious career. In 2006, he opened an online mixing and mastering company called MrMixandMaster to give artists many options to choose from the pool of choices, craving their attention. Since it was an online mixing and mastering medium, it brought to the industry innovation that allowed customers to upload their music files remotely.  

He has given independent artists a platform to usher themselves into stardom by availing them with competitive audio quality at the most affordable industry price. This is because Vinny is top-of-the-line mixing and mastering engineer music producer.

Vinny started operating the Miami-based “House of Hits Recording” in 2013. As it stands, the “House of Hits” is a second to none hip hop recording studio in Miami, according to Google Analytics. This is a rare feat in Miami, a competitive music market. 

Vinny’s studio incorporates music recording, production, and engineering to the customers’ satisfaction always. The studio is ahead of other studios with the unique aspect of multiple revisions to gift the artist of whatever status a hit record. Should you want a taste of this professionalism, contact Mr. Mix and Master.
Online Audio Mixing: https://mrmixandmaster.com/product/online-music-mixing/o 
Online Audio Mastering: https://mrmixandmaster.com/product/online-music-mastering/ 
Pricing: https://mrmixandmaster.com/pricing/

Hip Hop Recording Studio Miami
Mr Mix and Master
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Hip Hop Recording Studio Miami
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Hip Hop Recording Studio Miami Hip Hop Recording Studio Miami