Miami Music Video

Miami Music Video

Get Top Music Recording for Your Miami Music Video

Music is one of the crucial elements of any audiovisual production. It is the music and effects that complete the impact of the images, making the video unique and unforgettable. To achieve the perfect beats and music for your videos, you must have at hand the latest technology from Miami's best recording studio, and that is precisely what we have for you at House of Hits Recording Studio. You should know more about our top-notch technologies, so you will know why you will achieve with us the best recording for your Miami music video.

House of Hits Has for You the Best Recording Equipment in Miami


As the premier music production studio, we understand that voice quality is vital. That's why we strive to provide the best microphones for your sessions. If you choose our presidential suite, for example, you will enjoy the full potential of the Sony C800G. We also have other alternatives, such as the Manley Reference Cardioid in the Master Suite, the Monheim Crème in the Executive Suite, and the Neuman U87ai in the Guest Suite.


It is essential to have a world-class pre-amp to achieve top professional music development. That's why we chose to work with Neve Design's extraordinary products. Not only do they offer exceptional sound, but they also have incredible equalization options that give them great versatility.


We choose converters that sound terrific and have the most reliable performance. Our Universal Audio Apollo 16, for example, achieves this by combining tons of I/O with the power of the most popular plug-ins on the market.

Outgoing Sound

We wanted you to be able to feel the magic of your sounds on-site when recording in our studios. That's why we chose a world-class sound output system. This includes equipment such as our dual mids and our dual subwoofers powered by the Powersoft T604.

Other Equipment

We deliver pure magic in each of our recording studios, and each of them features other essential devices to achieve next-level music. For example, in our Presidential Suite, you'll find Tube-Tech CL 1B, Audient ASP8024 Heritage Edition, and Focal Twin6 Be. The Master is equipped with Audient ASP8024 Heritage Edition, Avalon Designs VT737, Warm Audio WA2A, Focusrite, and Focal Twin6 Be. The Executive includes Warm Audio WA-2A, Audient Nero Monitor Controller, and Avid Dock with 2 Avid S1. Finally, the Guest has Empirical Labs Distressor, Burl B2 Bomber, Dangerous Music Source, Allen & Heath GL3300, and Yamaha HS5 White.

Customized Budgets

At House of Hits, we have the intention of making good music available to everyone and for that, good recording studios must be at the hands of the musicians. That is why we strive to offer the most competitive prices, which will adapt perfectly to your needs and budget. From as little as $80/hour, you can enjoy our different recording options, and produce music that makes a difference.

Trust the Experts

If you are looking for the best rehearsal studio, or the top high-quality, and dedicated music recording studio in Miami, you are in the right place. The House of Hits Recording Studio offers you the best technologies for your sessions and the best studios in Florida. Book your appointment or purchase an online mixing and mastering package from Mr. Mix and Master.

House of Hits Recording Studio
Miami Music Video
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Miami Music Video Miami Music Video