Recording Studio Space for Rent Miami

Recording Studio Space for Rent Miami

House of Hits Recording Studio is a Miami-based recording studio that offers world-class tracking, mixing, and mastering in an ultimately private, tranquil environment. As one of Miami's best recording studios, all of our working spaces have been designed and built with comfort, beauty, and function in mind. We offer four recording spaces that are acoustically isolated with excellent lines of sight for relaxed visual communication. In order to help you choose the studio space that works best for you, here are the different recording suites we offer.

Presidential Suite

This luxury recording suite is sleek yet comfortable, featuring state-of-the-art technology that is unmatched and a sharp design. The room can seat ten people comfortably and is big enough to move around comfortably, even when it contains all the recording equipment you have always dreamed of using. The studio suite also features an isolated vocal booth. With lighting by Bentley Mains that help set the mood and a real, decorated aquarium on the producers’ desk, guests are always wowed by the presidential suite's visual impact and mesmerized by the room's flexibility to handle anything.

Master Suite

The Master Suite also gives you another option for luxury recording with space that can accommodate ten people comfortably. With a great curved design scheme, the Master Suite is popular for vocal tracking, podcasts, mixing, and voice-over sessions. The best part about the Master Suite at House of Hits Recording Studio is that you can record all of that with high-quality and dedicated music recording studio gears you can find in the business. Its amazing layout is especially well-suited to small groups, while the warm colors and light give it an intimate and friendly setting for smaller groups.

Executive Suite

The acoustic characteristics of the Executive Suite are highly customizable, including comfortable furniture and reversible sound baffles. This is a highly accurate mix suite, and it provides the ideal conditions for vocal recording, acoustic, ADR, and electric instruments. The studio offers a fully controllable LED lighting system with a dazzling retro-futuristic vibe that is complimented with murals and an alluring vibe that serve as inspiration for you to get behind the mic. Executive Suite can contain up to 5 people making it one of the best suites for its size and price.  

Guest Suite

The premier music production studio designers created a 21st-century space that combines a sharp design and bold color scheme to help boost your energy during your recording session. With room for five people, it offers one of a kind visual and sound experiences. The suite offers an extensive collection of modern production gear, which makes it a great option for people looking to record a demo, single, EP, or album.

Recording Studio Space for Rent Miami

Are you ready to start your recording journey in Miami’s world-class recording studio? House of Hits Recording Studio got you covered. You are guaranteed to experience the best a recording studio can offer. For more information about the best rehearsal studio and our Recording Studio Space for Rent Miami, contact us today.



Recording Studio Space for Rent Miami
House of Hits Recording Studio
Recording Studio Space for Rent Miami
300 NE 75th St Unit 112
Miami FL 33138 US

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Recording Studio Space for Rent Miami Recording Studio Space for Rent Miami