Recording Studios In Miami

Recording Studios In Miami

Mr. Mix and Master take the job of making the best sound very seriously. No mediocre works can be delivered, as no track will be accepted to be less than the best. Our commitment to quality comes from a genuine passion for music and working hard towards making a hit.

Every song delivered must sound like a chart-topper, but what gives us the edge against similar companies?

A killer combination of experience, knowledge, openness, and equipment gives us the advantage, however, here is a list of reasons why choosing us is the best and fastest way to success.

We Make Your Track Come to Life

In every note, a purpose and a story are being told. Many mixing and mastering companies make the mistake of taking any song and forcing them into a mold to sound like a modern radio hit.

The truth is that audio engineering is about serving the song. Sound cannot be forced, as it is inherent to the music. An engineer’s job is to take the track and develop its sound to make it the perfected version of itself. Furthermore, every edit must be made to serve the song.

Your Song Must Sound Natural

Even though sometimes hits sound heavily processed, the radio-ready hip hop quality isn’t about distortions and autotune. Those songs sound and feel fake. To attract a crowd, every song must sound natural, and even though plug-ins are heavily used, there is a rhythm and a reason for every decision. The aim is to sound as natural as possible, and heavy processing will only make a song feel shallow.

This also means paying close attention to gains, and especially, not overusing reverb as many online mixing and mastering services like to do. There is a moment for reverb, but there are also moments for dry sounds, and understanding this balance is what makes Danny D deliver the best-in-class mastering online.

We Do Not Work Alone

Even as experienced as we are, true magic does not come from us, because in the end, it is your track the one we are working on. We will coach you and help you to help us discover what you want to sound like and what the track is asking of us. You are the one who crafted the track and the one that knows it best, so tell us what you know, the story behind it and its purpose and together we will bring it to life.

Experience with High Profile Musicians

With a long career behind us, working with professionals such as Bad Bunny, JBalvin, Nicki Jam, Sean Paul, French Montana, and others is always humbling. However, we make mistakes as often as beginners, as music isn’t math, but a work of art, at as such, experimentation is required.

In the end, working on celebrity mixing and mastering isn’t as different from working with big names, so we take pride in working with startups and independent artists because, honestly, you never know when the composer of your track will become the biggest name in the industry.

Recording Studios In Miami
House of Hits Recording Studio
Recording Studios In Miami
300 NE 75th St Unit 112
Miami FL 33138 US

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Recording Studios In Miami Recording Studios In Miami