Recording Studios In Miami

Recording Studios In Miami

Rent the Finest Recording Studios in Miami

The recording studio is one of the crucial aspects of any musical project. A well-dimensioned space, with the right sound absorption and reflection elements, and the right recording and mixing equipment will allow for an exceptional result. You will be able to record clear tracks, with differentiated sounds, that when put together will become masterpieces and the basis of your musical career.

If you are in Florida for sure you will find several alternatives for your sessions, but Miami's best recording studio you will only find in the House of Hits. You should know more about our services, so you know why we have the leading recording studios in Miami.

Top-7 FAQs About the Rental of the House of Hits Recording Studios in Miami

  1. What Does the Service Consist Of?

We offer hourly rentals of a high-quality, dedicated music recording studio for your music recordings. They are specially designed and dimensioned spaces for the ideal sound capture. Besides, we have the different recording, playback, and mixing equipment for the processing of your tracks.

  1. What Equipment Is Included?

In addition to the space, you will have the best gear in the industry in each recording room. You will have microphones of unmatched quality, from renowned brands such as Monheim, Manley, or Sony. You will also have extraordinary mixing consoles, and depending on the room you choose, you will even have a private booth for the vocalist.

  1. Are All Studios the Same?

No. We have different sizes of studios to suit your needs. The Presidential Suite, for example, is our premier music production studio and can accommodate up to 10 musicians, as can the Master Suite. The other two rooms, the Executive and Guest Suites have a capacity of up to 5 musicians.

  1. Does the Rental Include Staff?

Yes, you will always have one or more staff members to help you enjoy professional music development. Besides, you can also hire additional services from our team of specialists, including mastering, mixing, and video recording.

  1. How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Studio?

Whether you are looking for the best rehearsal studio, or want to do professional recording, at the House of Hits you will enjoy the most competitive prices in the market. Our Guest Suite costs $90 per hour, Executive $80 (best price/value option), Master $125, and Presidential $150.

  1. Do You Have Any Special Offers?

At the House of Hits, we offer two types of special discounts for people who need the recording studio for long periods. If you hire 12 hours, the last hour is free. Also, any 8+hour rental will have a discounted price, which you can arrange by contacting our staff.

  1. How to Rent a Studio?

The first step is to check the 4 different alternatives and choose the one that best suits your needs. Then, contact our staff, and indicate the tentative hours you wish to rent so that you can reach a satisfactory agreement. You can also indicate in advance any other needs or additional requirements that we can cover for you.

Trust the House of Hits

If you want to rent the best recording studios in Florida, you are in the right place. We strive to offer you the best recording spaces, made with the highest standards of musical engineering, and state-of-the-art equipment. All of this so you can achieve the sounds you've been dreaming of. Book your appointment or purchase an online mixing and mastering package from Mr. Mix and Master.

House of Hits Recording Studio
Recording Studios In Miami
300 NE 75th St Unit 112
Miami FL 33138 US

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Recording Studios In Miami Recording Studios In Miami