#6 Online Audio Music Mixing Myths To Avoid

Online audio music mixing is as easy as it gets. Yet, you can easily get stuck in your mixing because of trying too hard. Let’s burst open some common mixing myths and how they are affecting your online mixing.

#1 You cannot fix it mix

This myth has some truth to it. It is important to get everything right in the recording phase. This way, you do not have to fix errors you could have avoided in the mixing phase. Furthermore, getting everything right in recording allows you to focus on other important parts of your mix.

That said, you can fix a track in the mix phase by improving how it sounds. Professional online audio mixing involves

  • Making your record sound louder and crisper
  • Adding some pop to the instruments
  • Making vocals or instruments punchier
  • Add spaciousness and giving your mix more headroom 
  • Make your sound more three dimensional

Online audio mixing enhances a properly recorded sound. It is not a tool for fixing rookie mixing mistakes.

#2 Online audio music mixing is for pros

If you are new to online audio music mixing, you probably have gone through a couple of online tutorials. You have interacted with the pros and got dazzled by the mixing and mastering jargon they throw around. They work in studios with towers of production equipment and a meshwork of audio mixing consoles.

Watching the pros can intimidate your mixing journey. However, mixing is an art that anyone can learn. The online audio mixing pros got better by learning the basics and practicing. And that is the only mixing formula you need to get ahead.

Mixing is not that complicated once you learn the basics. It does pay to sign up with an online audio school. Most online audio mixing schools hire the pros to teach their coursework. Absorb as much as you can from the mixing pros than put those ideas into practice.

Be patient as well. It is impossible to get it right the first time. Also, learn from the online audio mixing mistakes you make on the way. With time, you and the pros won’t be so different.

#3 Online audio music mixing is a complicated art

Mixing can feel complicated when you are learning from too many sources. At the start of your online mixing journey, you want to learn every trick that is in the game. You will probably have a couple of YouTube tabs open learning from different online audio music mixing gurus.

This strategy may not work for everyone. Bombarding yourself with multiple mixing tips and tactics can get you overthinking things. Second-guessing every move you make, because an online mixing guru convinced you to, will get you stuck.

Online mixing is meant to be fun. You do not need all the plugins in this world to make your records studio ready. Many professional online audio mixing masters only work with a handful of mixing plugins.

Do not put so much value on advanced plugins. Online audio mixing is made simple with the inbuilt plugins of your chosen DAW. Focus your attention on learning basic concepts like

As pro online audio mixing engineers say, ‘90% of the mixing process is learning the basic concepts’.

#4 Mix each track on its own

Another misconception in mixing is that you have to focus on one track at a time. Think of mixing as the human body. Each organ represents a single track in your mix. All organs work in harmony to ensure the health of the human body. It is the same when mixing your tracks.

Adjusting the EQ on your stringed instrument will determine how that change affects your vocals. Adding a compressor plugin on your vocals will affect everything in your mid-ranges. Always think of mixing in a broader perspective. No track is independent of the other. Balancing the harmony in tracks while mixing results in a professional end sound.

#5 The latest online mixing plugin guarantee success

You do not need a plethora of online audio mixing plugins to achieve a professional end sound. The best online audio music mixing engineers only use a handful of plugins to improve their mixes. This kills the myth that you need the latest plugins to create a studio-ready track.

Having a mixing objective is more important than the latest audio mixing plugins. A pro tip is to find a reference mix that is similar to your record. Study and compare the sounds between the two mixes. Doing this allows you to make a mental note of the specific plugins you need to use. And there is your objective!

#6 Mastering can fix mixing problems

Just as a bad record is not easily fixable with mixing, a poor mix cannot be fixed by mastering. Mastering enhances mix EQ balance and loudness. It also prepares your mix for export to various audio devices and streaming services. If you want a professional radio-ready end sound, get everything right in the recording and mixing phases.

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