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Are you an musician in the Atlanta area who prefers to do your recordings in your home? Or maybe your looking for a better qualified engineer who can take your song to the next level? With Vinny D, you can expect a radio ready mix every time. Our music mixing and mastering services cater to the greater Atlanta area. Contact us today and see why we are #1 in the city!



Mr Mix and Master Atlanta offer’s the cities best online music mastering at affordable prices without compromising audio quality. We work within the digital and analogue realm, using only the MOST professional signal paths to help achieve the best mix and master results possible. While we fight today’s loudness war, we provide HUGE masters while always maintaining the records overall dynamics.




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Do you find it frustrating after you’ve written and recorded a song, but the kind of sound you get for mixing and mastering doesn’t offer you what you were expecting? Isn’t it frustrating when record your vocals and you end up with a flat and dull mix as the final product?

Well, we have a solution. Mr. Mix and master is an online mixing and mastering service in Atlanta. At Mr Mix and Master, we provide all Atlanta based artist and music labels with the quality mixes crucial for creating excellent impressions on their listeners. We guarantee radio ready quality every time you work with us!

Radio Ready Quality. Guaranteed!

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What sets Mr Mix and Master apart?

Our production team and 7X Platinum, and 2X Grammy award-winning. Our achievements make us number online mixing and mastering services in Atlanta. Together with that, we offer affordable mixing engineer rates and mastering rates per song. Our aim is to use our Atlanta online audio mixing services to turn your pre-recording track into a high quality, radio-ready song. Trust us, we can do more than that and send you to mix back to you in 24-72 hours. It’s as simple as that. Our slogan, we take your music career to the next level with our online mixing and mastering services.

Some of our recent celebrity clients at Mr Mix and Master:

At Mr. Mix and Master, we have worked with some of the best and most successful artists in the music industry. To name but a few, we have worked together with The Weeknd, Rick Ross, French Montana, Future, Jeremiah, Yo Gotti, Tory Lanez, Flo-Rida, Farruko, J Balvin and Rick Ross among many other celebrities.


What services do we offer at our online mixing and mastering company?

At https://mrmixandmaster.com we offer all the services associated with mixing and mastering in Atlanta. To help you understand what we do, here are the services we offer.


Mixing Music

To us mixing is more than just listening and adding effects to your recordings, it includes blending individual tracks to create a final version that sounds as good as you can imagine. That’s why we are number one online mixing studio in Atlanta. The mixing process includes:

  • Balancing all the sound levels on a pre-recorded track
  • Fine-tune instruments and voices using the EQ (Equalization)
  • Panning your recording between speakers to create the stereo image you want
  • Adding compression, reverbs and other effects to improve your recording.


Our Atlanta online mixing services also include the editing process. The editing process includes adding the best beats of your pre-recorded track and sometimes build musical element to add to your track. Other times the editing process involves a separate stage with is done between tracking and mixing.


Mastering Music

Our Atlanta mastering services include turning your collection of songs into one successful album. The mastering process combines a single, podcast or playlist into a final master ready for manufacturing.

The difference between our Atlanta Mixing process and Atlanta mastering process is the fact that mixing is all about balancing the instruments to come up with a great mix while mastering involves balancing sings to get that great sequence. The mastering process varies from one project to another. Our mastering process involves:

  • Tonal balancing and balancing levels of songs
  • Controlling the songs dynamic range which includes how quiet or high each song section is for the balance of power and variety.
  • Editing tops and tails of each mix. This stage involves editing the gaps and end of each song to create a sequence.
  • Fixing any outstanding issues
  • Creating a reliable, secure manufacturing master.


2X Grammy Award Winning & 9X Platinum Production Team. Follow the link to visit our Atlanta Beat Page.