Online Mixing 101: Best Synths For Beginners

In our previous online mixing post, we talked about all things synthesizers. We introduced you to the basics of synths, their inner workings, and how to go about choosing them. If you haven’t read that post yet, you can read it here.  If you already…


Online Audio Music Mixing With Synthesizers

If you are new to online audio music mixing, you probably have heard several producers talking about synths. Some love old fashion synths while other producers swear by the digital age. So what exactly do you need to know when mixing online with synthesizers. What…


Online Audio Mastering: How to Set Monitor Gain

Monitor gain is an essential part of online audio mastering. It is a feature every audio mastering engineer uses to achieve a professional end sound. What is monitor gain in online audio mastering? Simply put, it is setting the correct loudness level for your mix….


#6 Online Audio Music Mixing Myths To Avoid

Online audio music mixing is as easy as it gets. Yet, you can easily get stuck in your mixing because of trying too hard. Let’s burst open some common mixing myths and how they are affecting your online mixing. #1 You cannot fix it mix…


Online Audio Mixing With Low Pass Filters

Two common phrases in online audio mixing are high and low pass filters. What do they mean and how can you use them to perfect your online audio music mixing? What are Low Pass Filters? A low pass filter is a mixing filter that attenuates…


Audio Mastering Tips for Streaming Platforms

Technology has revolutionized how we listen to music. As a result, melophiles now connect to their favorite music and artist through streaming apps. This has caused a shift in the audio mastering world as well. What does this mean for the artist and producer out…


How Online Mixing Referencing Fine Tunes Your Mix

The mixing phase is where most of the magic happens. But as you get fully immersed in your mini mixing home studio, you lose track of time…and to some extent, the intended sound of your mix.  This is where online mixing referencing comes in handy….


5 Best Multiband Compressor Plugins for Mixing

If you have a mini recording studio in Miami, you probably are experimenting with compressor plugins. In this article, you will learn about the advanced art of mixing with compression using multiband compressor plugins. Also, we have a list of 5 multiband compressor plugins you…


Our New Miami Recording Studio is Now Open!

Our world class Miami recording studio experience is finally here! Our Miami recording studio is now open to for all of your recording, mixing, and mastering needs. Under the captaincy of our 50X Platinum mixing and mastering engineer, Vinny De Leon, we aim to provide…