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All beats by 2 time Grammy award-winning and 7 time nominated producer Vinny Venditto. Contact us today for all beat inquiries: (904)237-3190

Custom beats ARE available for any genre. Rap Beats, Hip Hop Beats, Rock Beats, Trap Beats, Electronic Beats, and much more music beats for sale!

Custom Hip-Hop & Rap Music Beats For Sale

Music draws upon our innermost emotions and causes us to be unified. Across the world, music has been found to connect even the strangest of people together. And for there to be great music, there has to be a great beat. Mr. Mix and Master offers custom Hip Hop Beats for Sale Online or in-studio at the luxurious House of Hits.

Beats are the lifeblood of music as there can be no music without beats. Choosing or creating the right hip-hop beat might not be an easy task and it takes the right kind of producer or beatmaker to know the right rap beats that will suit a song.

At Mr. Mix and Master, we are always elated when it comes to hip-hop beat making as we have beats we have created and can also create custom beats. Working with one of the best producers located in Miami Florida, we are glad to inform you that our beat production is handled by our 2-time Grammy award-winning production team. In all our years of music creation, we have been able to have rack up to 30 plus platinum awards for our music production and we are still counting.

Whatever the custom beat you are looking for, we have you covered ranging from R&B Beats for sale, Hip Hop Beats, Reggae Beats, Electronic Metal Beats, Rock beats among others, we have you covered. Please note all of our beats for sale are exclusive rights.

You do not have to stress about creating your own custom beat because we also help create custom beats tailored to what you the artist is looking for.

Music listeners do not just watch out for lyrics alone, choosing the right beat goes a long way in helping your song pass that message across; so why don’t you reach out to us today and choose from our collection of ready to use beats or for the creation of your own custom hip hop beat or rap beats.

Be deliberate with your beat-making choice today as it will go a long way in setting your music and record apart from the rest.

Why Mr. Mix and Master for your next professional rap beat?

You might be wondering why you should choose Mr. Mix and Master to help out in your beat-making process. Below are some of the reasons why Mr. Mix and Master is the best beat making site in the entire State of Florida:

  • Music is our passion and because of that, we are always looking for ways to create good music via a good beat
  • We offer rap instrumentals that are uniquely created for you if you so desire. And if you choose from our large pool of beats be ready to be amazed
  • We work with an in-house production team that is 2-time Grammy award-winning and over 129 times platinum. Our production team is proud to announce our 2019 RIAA Diamond Award on Sech’s Otro Trago record.
  • To offer quality service and to treat our clients as the royalty that they are is one of the things we value the most, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • We are one of the best recording studios in Miami Florida and this reputation we will love to maintain, our beat mixing services along with our vocal mixing quality is our area of specialty. Our engineer is known for his MASSIVE 808’s, we know how to get that beat sounding BIGGGG!

We hope we have been able to convince you why choosing us will be the best thing that ever happened in your music-making process. Searching for hip hop beats for sale online? Search no further and let Mr Mix and Master take your music and next single to the next level today.

Thank you for listening, follow the arrow to the right for our mixing and mastering process and how it works!