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Mr. Mix and Mastering is an online music mixing studio ready to provide high-quality audio mixing service in Oakland. Our mission is to offer all our clients superior mixing services and achieve the audio excellence they are want to listen to. To achieve this, we give all our clients a friendly atmosphere where an artist can excel in the music career and give their listeners the kind of music they love. With stunning engineers and accurate listening environment, we make sure we meet all your music mixing requirements and in the fastest time possible.



At Mr. Mix and master we not only provide mixing services, but music mastering services too. As far as we are concerned music mastering in Oakland is vital elements in the music mastering process. Online mastering services in Oakland offer you the change to enhance your tracks. Separate from mixing, our music mastering process adds a new perspective to your music and career as a whole. We are the only person to trust in Oakland and surrounding area to master your music, we have radio ready quality guaranteed in every master, contact us today (904)237-3190!




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What to expect from us

When it comes to music mixing and mastering in Oakland, there are many things you can expect from us. Since we know the importance of both processes, we make sure to offer the best services you can get online. There are other things you can expect from Mr. Mix and Master Studios.

Professional music mixing services

Our music mixing services in Oakland is ideal for all the artists in Oakland and its environs. It doesn’t matter if you have a busy schedule and shows to attend. Most of the time you don’t even have to visit our studios for your mix to be done. What we do is you contact us, send us your recording, and we start working on it after we access it. After working on it, we send you the mixes for approval.

Radio Ready Quality. Guaranteed!

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    What sets us apart?

    Affordable pricing

    Music mixing and mastering in Oakland does not have to be an expensive endeavor. At Mr. Mix and Master, we make sure you get the right kind of results at affordable rates, for instance, you can get beat mixing services and anything from $100 to $200. Mastering goes for anything from $25 to $55. To get all the pricing, visit our services page at https://mrmixandmaster.com/services/.

    Professional equipment

    With skills and experience, but minus professional equipment, you mixes won’t sound professional at all. Oakland music mixing and mastering services by Mr. Mix and Master use the best music equipment available. The equipment are handpicked by our engineers to get the kind of sound effect and result our clients want.

    Unsurpassed professional mastering services

    We also make sure to provide our clients in Oakland with unsurpassed high-quality music mastering services in Oakland. We have worked with a variety of top artists like Pitbull, Rick Ross, and French Montana, so we know the kind of mastering needed to take you to the top.

    Fast and flexible services

    Are you looking for a place that offers you friendly and fast services? We don’t need to search any further. At Mr. Mix and Master we are always happy to help our clients from all the corners of the world.

    You don’t need to get stuck anymore on your music career because of music mixing and mastering in Oakland. At Mr. Mix and Master, we make sure you get the best services you. Let Mr. Vinny D, our lead engineer takes your order and know your needs. He will ensure to work with you in every step of your projects and meet your delaine in time. In case of revisions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Visit https://mrmixandmaster.com/ and find all you need about us.


    2X Grammy Award Winning & 9X Platinum Production Team. Follow the link to visit our Atlanta Beat Page.