Mixing and Mastering Price Rate Sheet

Mixing and Mastering Prices

Professional mixing and mastering can be the difference between a listener pressing skip or following your profile to catch your new releases — but traveling to work with the best engineers costs a lot of time and money. Fortunately, Mr. Mix and Master provides artists across genres with affordable online mixing and mastering rates.

Founded by Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum-winning producer Vinny DeLeon, Mr. Mix and Master is the best source for online audio production services. Work with one of the best producers in the industry right from your home while sticking to a tight budget.

Mixing Rates:

From your freshest beats to your hardest-hitting bars, Mr. Mix and Master will make sure your song turns out exactly how you want. Vinny D will carefully apply the effects and techniques that make a high-fidelity mix, such as EQ, compression, stereo widening, bass enhancement, pitch shifting, reverb and more.

A single-song mix using our online mixing service is $99.99. Please get in touch for a quote based on your project’s requirements. (Mixing rates cover vocals and 2 track beat ONLY) Beat & instrumentation mixes range from $100-$200 depending on the amount of tracks and stems. If you need beats mixed please contact [email protected] for a quote.

Mastering Rates:

Mastering is the final step in the production process that makes your finished mix radio-ready. Our expert mastering engineer, Vinny D, will adjust frequencies and control audio levels to optimize your track for radio, Spotify, Apple Music and every other listening platform.

Our mastering price per song is $40 for a three-week turnaround, $55 for 10-14 days and $75 for 3-5 days. To start releasing better-quality music, sign up for online music mastering today.

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Mixing and Mastering Packages

Want to have your song mixed and mastered? We offer several audio mixing and mastering packages for equally affordable rates:

  • Standard Mix & Master: $149.99 (3-4 Weeks)
  • Express Mix & Master: $199.99 (10-14 Days)
  • Priority Mix & Master: $299.99 (3-5 Days)

Select any of the above options from the drop-down menu on this page to take your music to the next level today.

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Recording Rates:

Recording rates start at $70 per hour at the House of Hits Recording Studio based in Miami, Florida. (Rates vary based on the project’s needs and timescale, so please get in touch for a quote based on your project’s requirements.) Our recording sessions include vocal arrangement, harmonic arrangement, and guidance! We are not your typical “just press record engineers” we take your record to the next level through our online mixing and mastering services.

Additional Information

  • Standard turn around time is on average 3-4 weeks per song.
  • Express turn around time is within 10-14 days per song.
  • Priority turn around time is 3-5 days per song.
  • Beat bounces/Accapellas/Performance tracks are $10 each.
  • Radio Edits are $39.99 per song.
  • Mixed stems can be provided for $50.
  • Mixed session available upon request, pricing will vary.

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Vinny D has the skills to help you top the charts, plus the best mixing and mastering prices for your value. To learn more about our process, contact Mr. Mix and Master today!

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