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Artists from varying musical genres take different approaches to create their sound, but there’s one common thread that connects every style —  mixing. Audio mixing is the process of blending recorded audio and vocal tracks using various musical processes such as EQ, Compression and Reverb.

Professional song mixing engineers give the music you hear on the radio the added spark and clarity that can be difficult to achieve in a home studio. Fortunately for modern musicians, online audio mixing services like Mr Mix and Master are here to help any artist produce radio-ready songs.

Founded by multiplatinum audio engineer Vinny DeLeon, Mr Mix and Master is the best online mixing service on the market. No other audio mixing services can offer the same level of expertise and convenience for your money.

Continue reading to learn all about audio mixing from the legend himself.

Music Mixing Process



Step one of the process is recording and producing your record or track from any studio on planet earth!



Make a compressed zip folder of your files / vocals. Send files using WeTransfer.com to vinny@mrmixandmaster.com.



I mix and make sure the vocals and beat is radio ready. Next I send you the completed track via email.



Download and review the final mix. If you don’t love it, you can request unlimited revisions free of charge.

Our celebrity clientele for our online audio mixing services. Celebrity client list for world famous mixing engineer, mix your song today with our online music mixing services

Before & After Mix Samples


Mixing is the process by which a song’s individual sounds are blended together into a finished track. Our vocal mixing services are the perfect option if you have a finished beat and vocal that you need to be transformed into a finished track. This critical audio treatment is the last step before the mastering phase.

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We provide one of the world’s top online beat mixing services at an affordable price without compromising quality. Our proprietary signal path uses digital and analog equipment to achieve a characteristic sound that listeners love. Visit the link below for more details and information regarding our beat mixing services.

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2X Grammy Award Winning & 129X Platinum Production Team. Click the button to visit our beat page.


In the process of creating a song or an album, one of the most important steps is audio mixing which is performed by an audio engineer. Whether the audio engineer is mixing the music online or the artist does the entire recording in a home recording studio; mixing engineers sharpen the song and help to achieve perfect harmony between the instruments and vocals at a specific frequency spectrum. Essentially making it possible for listeners to hear the words of a song over the instruments (but of course, while also enjoying the beat and melodies of the instruments in the production process).

If you’ve ever previewed a song you’ve never heard before, you most likely know if the record will actually sound great before the first minute of the song. That’s because most of us lack the patience to see if the melody will speak to us or not through our speakers. Things like the lyrics and melody tend to take time before the build and are a very important step when checking a recordings sound. The sound, however does not. A skilled audio engineer understands this crucial piece of the music-making process which is called audio mixing.

We all make snap judgments when it comes to the great sound of a song. If it’s captivating, then we listen to the mixed song which sounds great on our ears. That’s essentially why you need to get a professional sound mixer to mix your music while you are still learning. One of the many benefits of audio mixing services is that they can help make your sound immediately grab the attention of listeners.

Mixing engineers have quite a few ways to help bring out the best in a performance and this is a skill developed over time by learning and mastering the trade. A talented sound mixer knows how to strengthen the intensity of vocals and bring out the breathlessness of one if needed. The best sound mixers can manipulate sounds and refine them, they know how to make instruments sound more explosive and where to place them.

To get this done, a mixing engineer does the following:

  • Balances the levels on various tracks using EQ compression
  • Ensures the consistency of the stereo signal flow on the song
  • Applies the right effects to the mixed song- reverb, delays, etc.
  • Applies the right effects to the mixed song such as reverb, delays, etc.
  • Applies EQ compression to the multi track on all individual stems
  • Corrects the vocal pitching, high and low pass filters throughout


One can learn how to mix music in many ways, but first one must understand that you may have the talent to carry your performance. However, a professional music mixer can provide the tender love and care to touch it up while smoothing those rough edges to create something refined.

To help you achieve this skill set and develop this unique sound we have compiled a how to guide on audio mixing. This guide is an extensive “how-to” tutorial on how to mix a song, how to mix vocals and a plethora of mixing tips and tricks for audio engineers. This guide can help walk you through developing the necessary skills needed to perfect your music mixing skills to further groom you to be a well-polished professional audio engineer.

If you would like to take your knowledge a step further, you can also sign up for our audio mixing lessons and learn what audio schools teach in years in just a few sessions. We offer these online mixing courses for a fraction of the price compared to most institutions.

Should I mix my own music by mr mix and master, teaching and offering how the pros mix music


While this is not essential if you are recording tracks with a microphone and pre-amps, or even using purchased sample packs, however learning how to mix music yourself is a very smart decision. This will allow you to take control of your creative and artistic vision and allow you to take your musical talent and production to the next level.

Having a professional sound quality is one of the main reasons why mixing your music is so important. We have crafted several articles which will help your mix as far as it can go, before seeking more specific resources such as myself.

Are you ready? Let’s get this class started… Below is a pricing graphic just in case you don’t have the available free time and patience to learn for yourself. We offer affordable rates without compromising our professional audio quality!


Online music mixing is, essentially, mixing sounds. It is taking the different parts to a song and the various recordings of instrumentals and mixing them together. It’s just that simple. This article is a how-to mixing guide for musicians and online mix engineers looking into learning how to mix music and what they need to know in 2020 regarding choosing the right mixing engineer.

In music mixing, every element is treated as a separate entity to ensure that quality can be at its peak. By using online audio mixing services, every disparity or flaw can be addressed in due time, thus helping the engineer and the artist to produce a sound that feels good to the ears.

One of the most fundamental roles of great mixing is to control the volume of each individual element throughout the song, thus ensuring that each instrument and vocal is able to stand out and be fused seamlessly. However, the art of mixing is much more than just tweaking volume levels and providing a stage for every individual element to shine. There are various methods of mixing that make it possible for a quality finished mixed song to be achieved.

As a mixing engineer, your job in the mixing process is to decide where an instrument is placed in the stereo spectrum- a process known as “panning.” A typical stereo field has right and left speakers, and each instrument can be placed at a specific space in the field to create the right effect. A mixing engineer handles this placing in the mix process.

online music mixing tips for learning how to mix music from home. By multiplatinum mixing enginerr and audio mixer Vinny D aka Mr mix and master.
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Audio mixing techniques when mixing vocals: Key elements and a brief run down for mixing vocals:

5 mixing techniques for vocals:

EQ: When you effectively use EQ, it’s what you don’t hear that counts. EQ is a plugin that helps subtract unwanted frequencies to allow other frequencies to fill the space, making the whole track sound better. You can use EQ to boost frequencies, but the key is to subtly subtract what you don’t want or what is not needed.

One of the main things EQ does is balance the tone. EQing a track means you’re balancing frequencies with more of the good and less of the bad. You’re basically balancing the instruments with each other, making sure they all fuse and play nicely together.

Compression: At its most basic form, compression takes the low parts and loudest parts of a track and moves them closer to the middle in terms of its frequency. It smooths out the volume, so to speak. This gives an engineer freedom to make the track fuller overall without any audio levels peaking or blaring.

Lear how to mix vocals today by the engineer who is dominating the charts and radio stations worldwide. How to vocal mix guide

Second part of audio compression would be automating the volume control. Adding compression to the vocal track of a song is one of the most common uses. By adding this compression an artists voice can go from a soft and quiet tone to a massive chorus. When there is little to no vocal compression, vocals can stick out and sound very unpleasant.

De-essing: A de-esser does the task of removing sounds like “s”, “z”, and “sh.” A pop filter for example will  catch most of these sounds nine times out of ten. However, sometimes the performer has very distinctive pronunciation that sneaks into the vocal stem. A de-esser can help lessen these unpleasant sounds, giving the record a much smoother feel on the listeners ear.

Delay: A delay is a sound effect created when one puts an input signal into an audio storage medium and then plays it back shortly there after. All audio engineers use delays, a delay is one of the premier music effects across all music genres.

I like to use delays in addition to ambience while transitioning to the next piece of the record.

Normally when you add any delay to a vocal track, the delay will be subtle. However, sometimes audio delays can sound very clean on layered tracks or harmonies.

Harmonies: This is just one more way to spruce up any vocal, adding a bigger feel. Most artists believe in stacking vocals to make the chorus seem fuller or bigger. Not sure how much, add just enough to give the vocals some depth, this make take a few attempts as too much can be a bad thing.

This is an extremely brief guide for mixing vocals… For those eager to learn more on how to mix we go a lot deeper than this. Once you get some practice under your belt we have you covered, increase your vocal mixing skills further by checking out our step-by-step guide on how to mix rap vocals for beginners.


A single song mix using a professional mixing service normally starts at just $109.99, with prices based on turnaround time.

Get in touch for a quote based on your project’s requirements as song mixing prices may vary. Our Vocal Mixing Service covers vocals and a track beat, while a beat and instrumentation mix typically ranges from $100 to $200 depending on the number of stems.

If you are a producer with a beat already recorded and in the market for beat mixing services please referrer to the pricing graphic above or get in touch today for an accurate quote.

Mixing and Mastering Price Rate Sheet


When looking for audio mixing services to take your sound to the next level, the first step is finding a true music mixing company to make your music sound like what you hear on today’s radio. Does your music just not sound the same, is your audio dull and lifeless? Experienced audio mixing services develop unique sounds that take years if not decades to perfect, this is not a skill one can just learn from reading and why only a handful of successful mixing engineers account for the majority of today’s biggest hits.

What to consider when choosing the right audio mixing services company?

1) Style

2) Sound

3) Reputation

4) Budget

We have taken the time to compile a step by step guide to help you select the perfect fit. To view this article on where to mix your music online and how to choose the right mixing company click here.


Mr Mix and Master for example is a multi-platinum audio engineer who can take your music and bring it back to life with our online mixing service. We have radio-ready standards, offering a top 40 sound no matter what the musical genre.

We will polish your material and deliver an industry level radio-ready vocal mix guaranteed. Our audio engineer Vinny DeLeon has over 20 years of experience providing both major label clients and independents all over the globe. Our professional mix services are ProTools and Apple MFiT certified.

Located in Miami, Florida and opened in 2006, Mr Mix and Master provides the best mixing services for the most affordable rates on the internet. Our state of the art studio facility is equipped with the best gear money can buy, including brands such as Burl, SSL, Neve, Nuemann, Chandler Limited, Heritage Audio, Antares, Tube Tech, Apogee, and many more. Which is one of the many reasons you should choose us to mix your music online.

Founded by multi-platinum and Billboard number one engineer Vinny De Leon, we have been delivering top-charting online mixing services to record labels and musicians all over the world. Whether it’s one song or a complete album, our affordable pricing structure lets artists allocate their budget in advance, with the utmost confidence in their sound.


You’ve already read about some of the positive results many different musicians have been able to achieve through audio mixing. Yet those aren’t the only benefits you can expect.

Here are the five biggest benefits of using a professional audio mixer to capture the quality sound you are searching for:

1) Saves both time and effort

We all know our time is limited in today’s fast paced world. Many independent artists just don’t have enough free time available to learn the extensive knowledge required to achieve the necessary skill set to achieve the sound they are after. Instead the rely on mixing engineers so they can focus on finishing music.

Finishing music is one of the hardest thing to do, all artists know what I am talking about. But it’s also the most satisfying part of creating music. In essence audio mixing is the finish line of the song making process.

Hiring an audio engineer is a great idea for any artist looking to finally finish their music… Our before and after results speak for themselves and will save you the time and stress of studying or attending class.

2) Provides Consistency

While working to enhance your tracks, the mixing engineer will also look to tweak how compatible and versatile your tracks are, so that your music will sound its best no matter where it is heard or played on.

A solid mix may sound great on the system you mixed it on. But a good mix should sound great everywhere across all platforms.

A mixing engineer will also work to make sure the volume levels from track to track stays consistent, and that there are no blaring jumps or drops in levels from one track to the next.

A talented mix engineer will also do the same for the frequency spectrum of your tracks, by making sure that the balance of bass and treble sound appropriate from track to track, while also respecting the natural differences in each recording during gain staging for example.

Audio mixing 5 key benefits by mr mix and master, multiplatium online mixing engineer and audio mixer explains some key benefits.

An audio mixer’s job is to find a way to make all the songs sound consistent across all platforms.

3) Creates a competitive edge

Nowadays, there are more musicians than ever making music so it is more important than ever that your music stands out from the rest. This becomes pivotal for you as a musician because your music is placed among thousands and thousands of songs all fighting for a listen. You don’t want your record drowning in a sea of mediocre music online.

Music mixing will give you a competitive edge when it comes to going up against others, make your music jump out by choosing an audio engineer who produces a unique sound. This is very important for a songs overall vibe as not all engineer’s music sounds the same, very few have the skills to create a unique sound of their own.

4) Maximizes your budget

In the end, we don’t have unlimited amounts of money in our pockets. Many indy artists may not have the budget to record their song in a high end studio as well as getting it mixed by a professional. Instead they end up doing the bulk of this work themselves without putting in the countless hours to obtain the extensive knowledge needed to achieve the particular sound the are after, which looks a whole lot easier than it is.

This is a pretty standardized approach to music production nowadays. So go the extra mile and hire a professional engineer to take your music to that next level, this will separate your music from the competition and act as your new secret weapon.

Lets not forget, at some point you will eventually need to buy your own audio equipment and we all know that it is not cheap. The studio equipment list is extensive to have what is required, high-quality audio gear is pricy and ultimately outweighs the less expensive route of outsourcing your audio mixing and this service is not needed if your only working on reference tracks.

Many engineers prices will increase with their success, this is not true here. At Mr Mix and Master our mixing services are priced at the same rate as before the success and awards. We offer affordable rates to stay affordable for all up and coming independent artist, come see why the stars choose us! We don’t make just good music, we make great music!

5) Provides a second set of ears

The music mixr acts as a second set of highly trained ears that can catch mistakes in your mix, also curating a cohesive listening experience and bringing your audio quality up to broadcast standards across all platforms.

All musical projects can benefit from an outside opinion such as a audio engineer, this is a great line of defense to serve as a back stop. After listening to the same mix for hours on end your ears become biased and you take the risk of not missing certain issues.

Thankfully the mixing engineer can catch these problems in your mix and fix them before anyone else hears them. Beyond just fixing problems themselves, they’ll often provide optional mix tips that you can improve on before they do their work including multiple rounds of revisions included with your purchase.

Not only will this improve your current track but it will simultaneously make you an improved mixing engineer in the long run. You’ll be able to use these pro mixing tips and apply this information to future music mixing projects before sending the song to get mastered.

Any Genre
Any Genre
Don’t see your genre in our samples? Contact us and we can send you before and after samples, we have worked with any and all genres ranging from hip hop to country music we do it all!
Fast Turnaround
Fast Turnaround
We offer same day turn around time. We also offer flexible turn around time options for our independent clients, we offer these options to align with any and all budgets.
Affordable Rates
Affordable Rates
We are catered toward independent artists, we offer services for any and all budgets. Bulk discounts are available for your next album, mixtape, or any order of 6 songs or more.


Here are the most common questions we get related to audio mixing:

Do you recommend going to school to learn audio mixing?

If your passion is music, realize by choosing to enroll at a music school that the majority of what you’re going to be studying has very little to do with music. It’s a lot of technical jargon, basic audio knowledge, and different aspects of production which you may not have any interest in.

The majority of students drop out very rapidly when they find out they have to learn circuit diagrams as opposed to the anatomy of production.

A faster streamlined process would be to jump straight into s one on one lessons with a skilled audio engineer coach. You will achieve the same end goal for a fraction of the price by  cut straight to the point and obtain the same knowledge in just a few live coaching sessions. The process is streamlined, saving you both time and money.

How do I place my order for music mixing?

1) Create your music

2) Send us your files by uploading to our secure server

3) The engineer will then mix your record and email it back to you

4) Open your mix and give it a listen or two, send over any changes and we will revise and return

For a more detailed explanation of the audio mixing process click here.

What is the expected turn around time to receive my final mix?

Turnaround times vary based on how quickly you need your finished material back. Many mixing companies offer flexible turnaround times to keep their prices affordable for all independent artists.

For example, if you are on a budget and time is on your side go with a standard turnaround time as this is the most economical option. Express and Priority Services are available for those projects under a strict deadline and who need their mix back in a hurry. Needing your final mix back quickly may cost a premium but a reliable mixing company offers multiple options to keep prices fair and attractive to all musicians looking to get their music mixed.

How many revisions are included with my mixing order?

Every company has different rules regarding revisions and some even charge for this. Here for example, we assure you a day and night result as Vinny doesn’t just mix records he flip records. We will do our best to provide amazing results and remember you always have input into how your music ultimately sounds. If the client doesn’t like the original version, rest assured we can revise it until the client does!

Mr Mix and Master doesn’t stop until every client is happy and in love with their music. He offers a satisfaction guarantee, not a money-back guarantee just to clarify. This is why we offer revisions at no additional charge, in return guaranteeing you will love your final product no matter how many attempts it may take even if this involves tweaking a kick drum or bass guitar. This is one of the main reasons we are considered an industry leading song mixer, your work is in the hands of a trust worthy engineer when you choose us for any and all of your music mixing needs!

My vocals are out of tune, can you fix them?

Absolutely. We use AutoTune®, Melodyne® and Ableton Live® to manually mix you’re tracks to perfection. Don’t worry – a good mixing engineer is very skilled in this area, find the right one will make you sound like the stars… Still not sure what company you should choose? Try our online mixing services and lets take your music to the next level!

Do you still have some additional questions…? No worries, we have you covered, check out our FAQ Page for our most frequently asked questions.

Ready for a Professional Quality Mix?

To sound your best, you need to work with audio mixer companies that have the same dedication to their craft that you bring to your process. With sound mixing services from Vinny DeLeon and the Mr Mix and Master team, you’ll receive radio-ready mixdowns and experience the benefits of high-fidelity production techniques.

When you work with Mr Mix and Master, our audio mixing services will increase your views, streams, shares, and record sales to help you take your music and career to the next level. If you want to sound like the pros, order online music mixing from Mr Mix and Master today!