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Looking for professional/affordable audio quality from a professional, semi professional, or home studio? Mr Mix and Master has the answer! Simply upload your material from any where in the world and receive your finished mix and master within days after your purchase. We specialize in taking studio files and home recordings, and polishing them to match the quality of today’s Top 40.

Our online mixing and mastering services are ran by Multi-Platinum Audio Engineer, Vinny D. As a musician Vinny understands the importance of working within budgets and schedules, while still aiming for the highest quality possible. We understand how important a great mix and master is when showcasing your music, we offer radio ready quality each and every mix!

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Who is Vinny “Mr Mix and Master” De Leon?


Vincent Andre DeLeon, known professionally as Vinny D aka Mr Mix and Master, is an American record producer, audio engineer, songwriter and hit maker. He is best known for his work alongside superstars The Weeknd, Future, Lil Pump, French Montana, Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Maluma, Anitta, XXXtentacion, Farruko, Victor Manuel, Becky G, Stephen Marley, Lil Yachty, Sean Paul, Daddy Yankee, Nicky Jam, Manuel Tourizo, Davido and many more. Over the last 19 years it has been a wild journey from recording in his closet, to engineering live sound shows at the Staples Center and mixing & mastering top charting records in recording studios all around the world. Vinny is also a multi-platinum mixing and mastering engineer who has had the honor to work with today’s biggest names in both the English and Latin music markets.


Biography / Career


Mr Mix and Master In the Studio... About Mr Mix and Master

Vincent Andre DeLeon was born December 15th, 1987 … Vinny’s journey began with dreams of being a recording artist at just 12 years old. His passion for music and commitment to hard work helped him to quickly perfect the craft of recording, writing, arranging, producing, and mixing & mastering. At the age of 19 he made a conscious decision to focus on making hit records from behind the board and no longer with aspirations of becoming a recording artist. His joy came from taking a thought and turning it into a complete production – he enjoyed being the man behind the music and not just the man in the spotlight. Vinny prides himself on using a not so technical approach to create a unique sound. “If it feels right it’s usually sounds right, no matter the genre nor the language”, says Vinny.  

Throughout Vinny’s career he has built and operated multiple recording facilities. In 2006 Vinny opened, which is an online mixing and mastering company that broke the mold of the physical studio and allowed customers to share their music files from anywhere on earth. During his career, he found the market to be limited in options and overly priced, making it nearly impossible to be successful for the independent artists. He made a pledge to give back to the independent artist and listed his price point to be the most competitive in the market without sacrificing quality. Vinny considers himself to be the Wal-Mart of the music mixing market, offering a quality reliable product at a best in class price!

In 2013 Vinny opened the “House of Hits”, which at the time was an in house recording studio on the 23rd floor looking over the city lights of Miami, Florida. Per Google analytics, the “House of Hits” is currently ranked as the number one recording studio in Miami, which is considered to be a very competitive market. Vinny quickly outgrew his in-house studio and built the first ever recording experience, which includes all aspects of music recording, production and most importantly engineering. This facility is not just a high end recording studio, this facility also boasts a top of the line art gallery and event space. Vinny states, “Yes, The gear is important but more importantly is the vibe! We are a high end luxury modern studio where people do not come to just record, they come to leave with a hit! The House of Hits!”

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