We offer radio-ready quality mixing and mastering services for the world’s most affordable rates. Have our 129 times platinum mix and master audio engineer Vinny DeLeon take your music from sounding good to great!

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Step one of the process is recording and producing your musical composition from any studio on planet earth!



Make a compressed zip folder of your files. Send files using WeTransfer.com to vinny@mrmixandmaster.com.



I perfect and make sure the music is radio-ready, EVERY TIME. I then send you the completed product via email.



Download the final mix and master then break down the mix. Request unlimited revisions free of charge.

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Are you a musician who prefers to do your own recordings in your home? Or perhaps you are searching for a quality engineer who can solve your audio mixing needs? By choosing us, you can expect a million-dollar mix every time with our professional music mixing services.

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We offer the world’s best music mastering services. Working within the digital and analog realms, we use top-of-the-line equipment to make your master sound full, bright, and loud. We are proudly fighting in today’s loudness war, providing huge masters without sacrificing dynamic range.

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The quest for professional/major label sounding music at an affordable rate is over! We are tailored for the independent artists budget.


2X Grammy Award Winning & 129X Platinum Production Team. Shop from our online music services below.


Mixing is a crucial step in the process of making a song sound like a finished product. Essentially, it is the process by which mixing engineers blend separate audio tracks together into one cohesive song. The mixing process involves adjusting audio levels, tweaking frequencies, panning instruments across the stereo field and adding effects to make a piece of music sound pleasing and dynamic. Mixing is what establishes a balance between instruments and vocals and gives each element of a song the chance to shine.

Online mixing services give musicians at any level access to professional-quality mixing engineers. Mr. Mix and Master’s services provide the convenience of online mixing with the personal touch of an in-person studio. Our award-winning audio engineer Vinny DeLeon has more than two decades of experience working with independent- and major-label clients all over the world. Our ProTools and Apple MFiT certified mixing services will give your song a top-40 sound at an affordable rate.

Getting started with Mr. Mix and Master is easy. Record your music in your home or at a studio of your choice, then export your raw .wav files and upload them to our server. Vinny will send you an invoice and give you a professionally mixed song.

Whether it’s a single song or your entire album, Mr. Mix and Master has packages to make your release sound its best without breaking the bank. Send us your stem files for a professional mix. Online mixing rates start at $99.99 per song.



We are not like other online mastering services, which use software to automatically master your material. We offer real in-studio analog-based song mastering by our world-renowned mastering engineer.

For further proof visit our samples page to hear for yourself! We use industry-leading audio mastering equipment such as Tube Tech compression, Apogee conversion, Shadow Hills mastering compressors, Pass Filters, LA2As, crossed with digital plug-ins, along with other proprietary secret weapons to obtain the perfect frequency spectrum. 

Mr. Mix and Master is one of the select few professional mastering services authorized by Apple that provides official “mastered for iTunes”. This is a great feature that allows your release to gain more speed and to utilize all of Apple’s outlets and resources.

We offer two-track stereo and stem online mastering services. Two-track professional mastering is also known as stereo mastering and is the most commonly used process in the music industry. 

Our audio mastering services start at $39.99 and come with unlimited revisions. We offer express same-day turnaround times, along with more affordable options ranging from 3 to 21 days. All files are kept private and handled with extreme caution on our secure server. 



Weak, flat and boring mixing and mastering? No thump, dull-sounding master? Need help injecting life to your individual tracks or full albums?

Our 129x-Platinum audio engineer, Vinny DeLeon, will help bring your music to life with our online mixing and mastering services. We have radio-ready standards, offering a top 40 sound no matter what the musical genre. We will polish your material and deliver a professional mix and master guaranteed.

Vinny has over 20 years of experience providing both major label clients and independents all over the globe. Our professional mastering services are ProTools and Apple MFiT certified.

Located in Miami, Florida and opened in 2006, Mr. Mix and Master provides the best mixing and mastering services for the most affordable rates on the internet. Our state of the art studio facility is equipped with the best gear money can buy, including brands such as Burl, SSL, Neve, Nuemann, Chandler Limited, Heritage Audio, Antares, Tube Tech, Apogee, and many more — which is one of the many reasons you should choose us to mix music online.

Founded by multi-platinum and Billboard number one engineer Vinny De Leon, our affordable mixing and mastering services have delivered top-charting online mixing services to labels and musicians all over the world. Whether it’s one song or a complete album, our affordable pricing structure lets artists allocate their budget in advance, with the utmost confidence in their sound.


When you purchase one of our online music mixing and mastering services (starting as low as $99.99) revisions are always free of charge and included. Our goal is to have each client satisfied and happy no matter how many attempts it may take to achieve the perfect mix. You can feel free to send us a reference mix to use as a guide during the mixing process. Feel free to email us any notes you would like us to follow when you upload the files on our web portal.

Audio mixing and mastering orders can be delivered the same day if needed. Turnaround time depends on which service is selected upon checkout. For more information about our online mixing and mastering services please visit our music services shop page.


Our in-house production team is 129 times platinum and 2 times Grammy Award winning. Whether you need a brand new instrumental, or simple beefing up to your 808. Let our producers at Mr Mix and Master provide the modern top 40 sound on the next custom beat you may need. Our production can be found on artist’s albums such as Eminem, Nikki Minaj, Bebe Rexha, Meek Mill, Ceelo Greene, Peanuts movie soundtrack to Cirque Du Soleil. Genres include: Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Reggaeton, EDM, Latin, House, Techno, Films, and many more. Visit our complete celebrity client list to see why we separate ourselves from the competition.

In our state-of-the-art music production studio we house a piano, a plethora of guitars, bass, drums, vintage drum machines, electric Guitars, talk box, percussions, samples, beats, synthesizers, and VST for days on days. We are endorsed by: SAE (School of Audio Engineering) Audient, Atlas Audio, Yonko Gear, Adam Audio and many others. We are not a team of mac book key board beat makers, we house an industry leading musical producer who is a 2X Grammy winner for a reason. Visit our before and after audio samples page to hear for yourself. 

Our music production services and sound are second to none and of the highest possible audio quality and beat mixing available globally. We can simply add some low end, chop vocals, reverb delay, eq compression or go to the extent of playing chords, re-arranging existing production, to re-creating structure and flipping the whole sound to match today’s top-charting music with our online beat mixing services. We let the music do the talking, it’s all about the kick and bass. Trust your music in the hands of the masters. Contact us for more info regarding your individual track and for all production needs.

All sessions, mono files, and stereo files are 110% safe and confidential when you submit your song sounds on our online music platform. All rights, royalties, masters, and back end belongs to the artists when using our mixing and mastering services. Our mixing engineer is Apple Certified MFiT Providers. Every good mix and master is copyright free and work for hire. When looking to get the same sound as your favorite artist, Mr Mix and Master has the answer! Check out our celebrity mixing and mastering client list.