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Miami Recording Studio


Appointments ONLY, we do NOT accept walk-ins or tours. Please note our Midtown location is the only open location at the moment.

Are you searching for a Miami Recording Studio? Well look no further, you have found the worlds first ever recording experience! The fastest way to reach the top is to start there! Located in the heart of Miami, the illustrious “House of Hits” Miami recording studio is the city’s only  music studio experience for all of your recording, mixing, and mastering needs. All tracking, mixing, and mastering is provided by celebrity audio engineer Vinny D aka Mr. Mix and Master. We are here ready to record your new EP, demo, references, mix-tape, or a full length album at our recording studio in Miami Florida.

Vinny is not your typical “press record engineer,” Vinny is a world class vocal arranger, producer, and song writer. Vinny can take your talent to its highest potential guaranteed! All of our Miami music studio are catered for specific needs such as being acoustically treated for recording, mixing, and mastering. Recording rates start at $55 per hour at the House Of Hits music studio in Miami. 1-7 hour recording blocks are $70 per hour and 8+ hour blocks are $65 per hour. To schedule your session please press “Book Now” button below to reserve your session date online. For additional information regarding booking or services provided at our Miami recording studio call (305) 907-3440.

Book an appointment with House of Hits  using SetMore
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  • USD69.99HR
  • Hourly Recording Rates
    • Discounts are available for sessions of 4 hours or more
    • Miami Florida’s premier recording facility with big vibes
    • No session will be put onto our schedule without a deposit

Additional Information on the House of Hits Recording Studio:


There is no need to worry anymore if you need to have a world-class recording for your mix-tape, extended play, references or a full-length album. We provide top-class Miami recording studio that gets your music to the top of the music chart. We offer the only “Recroding Experience” music studio in Miami, and the target is to give you the best Miami Recording Studio that suits your requirement and budget.


We understand what it means to come up with a creative piece and require the right studio to transform your intellectual property to the most valuable content in the musical industry. Our association with people all over the globe has enabled us to see the very best of creativity in display and understand how to infuse what we know in other projects.


The studios we use are considered to be the best recording studio in Miami, and they are specifically built to handle mixing, recording and mastering acoustically. The cost of recording ranges from $69.99 per hour with a negotiable rate for 4-hour time blocks and upwards at the House Of Hits.


Choosing our service enables our clients to enjoy the very best of audio recording. Our team possesses the required experience that covers areas such as; hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, folk/rock, metal, ska, and others. We know how to get the sound you are looking for, also working both sides of the console and making the right adjustment to give you the best.


The acoustics of our studio is fully developed to provide the best output. The rooms are well isolated, flexible, and great sounding. If you also need room ambiance and perfect positioning of instruments, then you are definitely at the right place with the use of our service.


As a Miami recording studio that is dedicated to the delivery of quality service, we do our best to maintain good customer service and ensure that we retain the position of number one studio in Miami.


The professional team and the type of equipment we have make it clear that we are the best recording studio in Miami. Our material ensures that your recording will have a crisp and clear sound without unnecessary interference.


If you need a recording studio in Miami or a Miami music production service, then you are definitely at the right place because our clients always end up having a good story to tell about the fantastic service that we render. You can contact us to book an appointment with us, and we will be glad to give you the best Miami has to offer.



Some frequently asked questions regarding music recording include:


How is the recording process like?


The process is basically not difficult or technical for you as an artist. Normally an artist will speak into a microphone that converts the sound into electrical energy which is received and also sent back to the artist via the headphones worn. The acoustic instrument we have records the sound from the microphone while we listen to the sound and evaluate the output for quality.


What is the cost of a recording session in your studio?


The average cost of recording in our House of Hits recording studio cost $69.99 per hour. An individual that considers working with several hours at a time can get a discount from us, so feel free to get in touch with us if you need a quote from us.


How is your recording studio built?


Our recording studio is built to standard with good acoustic treatment. Different materials were utilized to either reflect or absorb sound in the studio. So basically, the physical structure is also designed to give a recording artist the best possible outcome.



Why should I consider using a professional studio?


There are different reasons why you need a professional studio just like ours. We have the right physical structure that supports good acoustics, top-notch equipment, and an experienced engineer to help you get the best possible recording outcome.


How do you guys make money?


Our pricing is used for both individual artists, bands, and corporate entities. So we get involved in the recording of different contents for different brands and individuals. Some of our clients consider us as the best recording studio in Miami, so we find it reasonable to attend to clients with various purposes of engaging in music production and sound recording.


How do I know when to visit the studio for a recording session?


Every studio session is by appointment. Usually, when you contact us and make demands on the number of hours you need, we will arrange for a time that is convenient for both parties. Once that is done, you will be able to have your session at the appointed time. Also, please note that it is important to be at the studio location a few minutes before the appointed time for recording.


Do you have a recording staff or it’s a self-service?


Yes, one or more recording staff will be present to assist you to enjoy your recording in Miami. Some other activities that our staff can handle include; mastering and mixing the audio, recording a video, especially for those that want to capture the moment spent exploring the recording equipment.


What is the task of a recording studio engineer?


The person that handles the task of evaluating your recording for quality is the studio engineer, also known as the audio engineer. The studio engineer also works closely with the artist to select the best possible outcome from a recording session. The studio engineer will most likely work with you to select the best out of 3 different recordings.


Should I expect my label to handle the cost of studio sessions?


Labels are more interested at recordings that go viral, and not the recordings you are still working on. Which means it is important to prepare for handling the cost of all studio recordings.

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Recording Studio Address:

300 NE 75th St Unit 112

Miami FL 33138

Contact Info:

Phone: (305)907-3440