House of Hits Miami Master Suit Recording Studio (A Room)

TOP 5 Recording Studios In Miami, FL

Sure, nowadays technology has made things easier to a point where one can record vocals at home. People can use USB mic, or an old PC and still go viral, but using a professional recording studio to record your song allows for a professionally recorded song produced with a dedicated engineer, high-quality gear and in an acoustical environment. Miami has a rich history that proves there worth when it comes to recording and creating music. Here are the top 5 recording studios you need to check out in Miami Florida.

  1. House of Hits

This is one of the top recording studios in Miami, If you want a high quality, dedicated studio try House of Hits by Mr. Mix and Master. This is the country’s first-ever recording experience and the new facility has opened to the public in early 2020. House of Hits Studio has the best engineer in Miami who guarantees the BEST vocal in the city and boasts a track record of 129 times platinum and 7 Grammy nominations in 2019 alone. The lead engineer has worked with musics biggest artists such as Lil Pump, French Montana, The Weeknd, Future, J Balvin, Maluma, Daddy Yankee, and Ozuna amongst others. This is a one stop shop for all mixing and mastering services, recording, production, and polishing your music into a final fine-tuned product with their unique sound. Contact them via call/text at (305)907-3440, House Of Hits Miami is currently in construction on part 2 and should be open to the public by May 1st. 

  1. Circle House

When you think about the vibe, think about Circle House. Founded by Touter Harvey and Ian Lewis after the death and Jacob Miller in Jamaica, the Circle house offers a unique and comfortable recording environment in south Florida.

  1. Criteria (Hit Factory)

The hit factory is another top recording studio where the likes of Justin Bieber and Timbaland have made their music. The Hit Factory is a recording and rehearsal studios where musicians can go to rehearse and record.

  1. Sobe Swag Labs

This studio is located in South Florida, a mile from the famous Hard Hotel and Casino. SoBe swag labs host an array artist and give them the opportunity to showcase their talent, progression, and abilities. The studios have experienced producers, vocal instructors, engineers among other staff to accommodate recording, mixing and artist development processes.

  1. Rebel 11 Studios

The Rebels 11 studios offer a creative and comfortable environment form songwriters, engineers, producers, and artists. The studio is a combination of analog and digital mixing techniques for quality recording results ready for the radio.

If you are looking for a place to rehearse and record your music in Miami FL, these top 5 recording studios offer you the best acoustically sound environment to achieve your anticipated end goal for your next single or EP. For more information on how to book these facilities please contact us today!