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Best Acoustic Guitar for Recording

When you make a studio recording, you want equipment that can give you the best sound quality. The tricky part is this may differ from what you usually prefer when playing music for fun or at a venue. Choosing the best acoustic guitar recording equipment...


Eight Tips for Recording Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic guitars empower musicians to write compelling songs and give intimate performances that leave listeners hanging on every note. The next step is to capture that sound in a recording to share it with a larger audience.  If you're looking to record at home, check out...


Best Bedroom Recording Studio Layout

At Mr. Mix and Master, we're all about helping artists achieve their best sound. This article will explain how you can set up a home studio in a few simple steps.  What Do I Need for a Home Recording Studio? Before we get started, here's a prioritized...


Must-Know Music Producer Quotes

Producing music is all about tapping into feelings that live within us all and representing them through sound. The most influential producers in music find ways to bring a unique perspective to the art while drawing inspiration from those who came before. Audio engineer quotes...


Our New Miami Recording Studio is Now Open!

House of hits Miami Our world class Miami recording studio experience is finally here! Our Miami recording studio is now open to for all of your recording, mixing, and mastering needs. Under the captaincy of our 50X Platinum mixing and mastering engineer, Vinny De Leon, we aim...

How to Use Melodyne

How to Use Melodyne vocal editing tool

The ability for mixing engineers to correct pitch is necessary. Without question, this is a most common application used at Mr. Mix and Master when it comes to vocal manipulation and performances. The lineage starts way back in the 1920’s which lead to the introduction...