What is the purpose of a mix and master? Why choose us for your next record, song, or single?

What is the purpose of a mix and master? Why choose us for your next record?

What is the purpose of a mix and master?

Many clients first ask, what is the purpose of a mix and master and why choose us? The answer is simple, creating good and quality music is an art. Music is an art that requires creativity, ingenuity, professionalism and a crisp mind. When creating music, one has to ensure that they are working with the best team they can get as music is not just the effort of the singer alone, but a collaborative effort of the entire production team. From the song writer to the lyricist to the singer to the beat maker to the producer, everyone has a role to play in creating a beautiful piece of music. In particular, the producer.

As an online music mixing and mastering service, we are proud to have such a creative team that has acclaimed a worldwide reputation and have even received accolades for the creative and genuine music they produce.

How would you love to work with a team that in the year 2019 alone, has achieved 30 different RIAA Platinum Certifications? Or a team who has a whopping 4 Grammy Award Nominations on the upcoming Grammy Awards? How about working with a team who has solidified an extremely rare 10 times platinum RIAA Diamond certification.

Our online music mixing and mastering service is aimed at giving the best in whatever we do ranging from mastering, mixing, online mastering, online music mixing, audio mastering, beat making among other things, we are dedicated to catering to the needs of our client.

We also strongly believe that our clients deserve the best and should be treated as the royalty that they are that is why our core vision and mission is to create and produce amazing and intelligent beat that can rival any other song in the world.

Our in house mixing engineer is a musical genius and talent who has years of experience under the belt and has worked with diverse group of artistes as such, this allows our services to be more tailored to your specific needs and wants. Furthermore proving to our clients exactly what is the purpose of a mix and master and why it is so important, check out a few of our main services we offer listed below:

  1. Mixing: mixing is the process of combining multi-track recordings into a final mono, stereo or surround sound product. In the process of combining the separate tracks, their relative levels are adjusted and balanced and various processes such as equalization and compression are commonly applied to individual tracks, groups of tracks, and the overall mix. This involves making your beats and voice fit in seamlessly with each other. Our online mixing service is one of a kind as we have provided a way for musical creative geniuses to create that amazing piece of music that they want to create. Our online service is tailored towards those what want to have the best services there are to offer. As an online music and mastering service, we aim to ensure that all the mix we do are done in a timely and quality manner.
  2. Mastering: this is a form of audio post production, it is the process of preparing and transferring recorded audio from a source containing the final mix to a data storage device, the source from which all copies will be produced. In recent years digital masters have become usual, although analog masters—such as audio tapes—are still being used by the manufacturing industry, particularly by a few engineers who specialize in analog mastering. Mastering requires critical listening and that is one area we are good at. The critical listening ability of our in house engineers are top notch and as such, they are able to master your music to what you want and need.
  3. Beat Mixing: People often why they need their beats mixed, beat mixing makes your music sound as professional as it should. The beauty of beats is that even without the lyrics, the beat can get the hearts of people yearning already. Choosing the right service for your beat mix is very important as it goes a long way in determining how the song will turn out.

Why choose us and how does the process work?

Our process is quite easy, you choose from an array of time offers and send a brief on what you want to be done exactly, contact us via our website link, upload your files with the brief. Haven done all these, we acknowledge receipt of your files and get to work. Our in house mixing engineer does their magic and sends it back to you for revision. Depending on the package you pick, the amount of revision entitled to the package is done and upon satisfaction with what you have, the final draft and version is sent. There are various ways for payment and best option for you will be discussed upon initiating a conversation.

What gives us our confidence:

We strongly believe that any service rendering business must be able to beat their chest confidently and let others know what motivates and gives them the confidence they need. For us, our confidence comes from our track record. With what we have been able to achieve over the years and even the achievements in this year alone, is enough to give use the boost that we need. We rely on the amazing work we had done earlier and rely on it to give the hope we need to do even more work. Also, we believe strongly that the success we have achieved in the past, will give us room to do better and achieve more than we have in the past.

Some of the amazing things that we have been able to achieve this year alone includes:

2019 Grammy Nominations:

  1. Best Urban Fusion Performance Otro Trago – Sech ft Darell
  2. Best Urban Music Album – Kisses by Anitta
  3. Best Urban Music Album – Suenos by Sech
  4. Best Urban Song – Otro Trago

2019 clients who went RIAA Certified Platinum:

  1. Ozuna, Maluma
  2. Bad Bunny
  3. Anuel AA
  4. Nicky Jam
  5. Anitta, Farruko,
  6. Sech
  7. Dalex
  8. Justin Quiles
  9. Dimelo Flow

Some of our other major achievements by some of these artistes include:

  1. Sech’s single Otro Trago which has gone RIAA Diamond (10 times platinum)
  2. Farruko’s Album Gangalee which has gone 4 times platinum
  3. Dalex song Pa Mi Remix which has gone 3 times platinum.
  4. Sech – Otro Trago which reaced Billboard number one on 8.10.2019