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Are you an independent musician looking to make it big in the music industry in Philadelphia and around the world?  Then you’ve to have the final track professionally mixed and mastered. Mr. Mix and Master is a professional online music mixing studio and makes sure you get the ultimate music mixing in Philadelphia. Our music mixing engineers have the needed skills and experience that will blow you away. They make sure to remove all the unwanted noises and clicks from your existing recordings to the give the ultimate results.



Music mastering is the most important step to getting a radio-ready track. This is the final step in the production process for a radio ready finish, Mr Mix and Master specializes in mastering audio files. Though most artist can record their tracks, music mastering needs to be done by profession music mastering studio in Philadelphia. Here at Mr. Mix and Master we are available to offer the kind of mastering services you need in Philadelphia and its environs, we are second to none. See why the stars use us for all their music mastering needs, contact us today!




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The services we provide to the Philadelphia surrounding areas:

By now, producers and artist all know the importance of contacting a music mixing and mastering studio in Philadelphia. The main reason is to get the final track that you want and something that will impress your fans. Mr. Mix and Master is providing a variety of services to help you achieve your goals. Some of the services we offer at our studios include:

Online music mixing Philadelphia is what artists need to improve their music and enhance their career. Mr. Mix and Master will hook you up with the best engineers who have years of experience and skill to help you out. If you are an artist with recording, but you don’t have a place to mix and master in Philadelphia, we can help you out.

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    Our online music mixing

    Our online music mixing steps are easy to follow. After you have recorded your track, you need a mixing engineer to handle the mixing process. Contact us at https://mrmixandmaster.com? And tell us your requirement and time frame.

    After everything is set up, you again need to send us your existing recording, and our music engineer will work his magic. They process mixing process start by labeling and organizing your songs. Your track will be normalized to ensure it has a similar voice. The engineer will then use a high and low pass to filter and remove the unwanted frequencies.

    Audio mastering

    Our mastering engineers have the skills to make your music feel great. We use the latest technology and equipment to make sure our music mastering services in Philadelphia are of top quality. We know that perfect mastering process is what you need to go to the next level of your music career.

    Our mastering steps

    The mastering step help gives you the final mix that you need. The mastering steps include putting final touches on the tracks. The touches include slight adjustments to compressions, EQ, limiting and stereo enhancements. All tracks go through mastering to achieve flow and cohesion throughout the album.


    Do you need a place to produce your music, then you are in the right place. Starting with recording, let us help you build your career from the ground. With excellent attention to detail, passion, and skills needed, we can help take you from zero to the place you want to be.

    You could have an excellent recording, but without mixing and mastering the track won’t make it to the charts. Also, a great mix without mastering or great master without mixing still isn’t sufficient to help you achieve your desired results. Mr. Mix and Master offer music mixing and mastering services in Philadelphia and its environs. Talk to us today by visiting  by filling out the contact form below, or call us at (904)237-3190.


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