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Online Beat mixing rates vary on the amount of stems on the track in the instruments section, not including vocal tracks. Please select the correct pricing to avoid additional invoices for incorrect amount of stems per beat. Please email us or call us to discuss our online mixing rates for your beats at 904.237.3190 or email


Online Beat Mixing

The world is a fast changing place and as it changes, so many things change with it even music. As a lover of music, Mr Mix and Master has been able to evolve over the years and by so doing, has been able to keep up with the latest trends and needs of the music industry and online beat mixing.

Over the years, making beats has been the in thing for producers especially making beat offline. But with the advent of technology, things have changed and have become different such that beats can now be produced online as opposed to offline.

Are you a producer in search for where and how to mix your beat online? Then search no further because Mr Mix and Master has got you covered. If your beat mixing is handled by us, you do not need to worry about how to handle the EQ or the 808s we have it all covered.

How to get started today!

Just choose the number of stems for your recording. Then choose add to cart and get started today! Are you a producer who prefers to do your own recordings in your own studio? You’re in luck! With Vinny D, you can expect a radio-ready mix every time by using our professional online beat mixing services. You work hard on your music and you deserve only the best when it comes to sound quality.  Mr. Mix and Master will take impeccable care with each and every mix we perform. If you want the best for sound quality, work with us today! Also make sure to check out our audio mixing for all of your vocal mixing needs!

Beat Mixing Rates

Our beat and instrumentation mixing rates start at 99.99 depending on the number of tracks that need mixing and quality of the tracks. For a quote regarding any of our online mixing and mastering services please email session files to

Beat mixing is a fundamental part of any music production and has its intricacies. It can be easy to sit down and come up with that amazing beat in your head but what happens when you make use of your headset and discover that the drums do not sound as loud as they did when you were mixing them or you can not tell the difference between when the piano comes in and when the guitar starts? Well, when you have made a nice beat and discover that it needs to be mixed properly, then do not worry so much because at Mr Mix and Master, we can take that genuine beat you have produced and turn it into the genius beat you want it to be.

Beat mixing does not have to be so hard, it is actually easier when you have an expert handling it for you.

Do you have a beat that you want to mix and make better? then contact Mr Mix and Master to turn the beat into a world class master piece

With our vast experience in recording, voice mixing, mixing, mastering among others, then trust us to handle your beat mixing.

How to go about your online beat mix

Attention producers, check out this link for a few tips on how to mix your beat!If you have a beat ready for mixing, then follow the steps below:

  • send the tracked out WAV Files of each stem of your beat
  • choose the stem you will like us to use, you can choose either 5 to 10 stems, 15-20 stems or 21-35 stems
  • make sure that any plug ins, compressors or EQs are disabled
  • make sure that none of the track ends in the red
  • make sure that none of the track is clipping

When it is certain that all these have been done, you can then send the file to us via our email address and wait for when the mix will be out.

The duration of how long you will wait to get the beat depends on the package you choose to pick from. There is a standard which caters for 5-10 stems and it will cost a lot lesser than the other ones at about 100 dollars which will have a turn around period of three weeks. However, if you want to opt for the express package which allows you to choose between 15-20 stems and a turn around period of 10 to 14 days at 150 dollars or the priority package which allows you to choose between 21-35 stems at 200 dollars at a turnaround of 3 to 5 Days then the choice is solely yours.

If you are wondering how can it be this simple and how legit this is, then make sure to understand that some of the things we are offering include:

  • high-quality online beat mixing services
  • Your beats mixed by an award-winning mixing engineer professional
  • On-time delivery of your mix
  • High-quality customer service

And as such, we are also protecting our image by delivering high quality service to clients such that they refer back to us when there is a need of our services because we thrive on referrals.

While you are here Producers, below are some of the things to consider when mixing your instrumental

  1. The most important thing is to follow your ears not your eyes. What this means is that do not look at the beats but rather feel them and understand them with your ears.
  2. Balancing the volume of your tracks is another fundamental starting point for every mix. A clear balance is almost half the work, especially if you have got great sounding tracks.
  3. Try to find a good equilibrium and balance between the left and right speaker This is known as panning. A good way to do this is actually to keep things in mono and pan that way.
  4. Make use of the Equalization (EQ). Equalization is an incredibly useful tool for enhancing the sonic colors of your instruments and making a better mix where you can hear all the instruments and tracks clearly.

Also, for those who are new and will like to try their hands at mixing and producing beats, one major thing to note is that you must listen to how the beat feels. Do not look, listen. Also, make sure to watch and learn a lot of tutorial videos. The greatest geniuses did not star out as geniuses, they started out by learning. Do not under estimate the power of learning. After you have learned it well, practice. It takes consistency to keep at a thing. Practice and practice well. And do not be afraid to share what you have, listen to criticisms and take them by implementing the constructive ones.

So whether you are a newbie or a seasoned beat maker, if you need to access the services of an online beat mixer then do not worry because Mr Mix and Master offers top notch service that is aimed at making your beat the next best and big thing.

Why don’t you select one of our music services and see what is being offered?

Quality service and top notch delivery is what you are bound to get.

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