Frequently Asked Questions regarding our online mixing and mastering services!

Are you really as good at music mixing as your website states?


Vinny has not achieved 30 times platinum by luck. With over 19 years experience Vinny’ has heard and worked on it all, from mixing songs online, to live shows at the Staples Center. We are not only one of the most fairly priced online mixing and mastering companies, we are by far one of the best song mixers and highly qualified. 


What is the difference between online mixing and mastering?


In simple terms of importance I would say mixing is 90% and audio mastering makes up the remaining 10%. I refer to audio mastering as the icing on the cake. Audio mixing is the most important step, where I add EQ, compress, gate, add effects, do beat drops, pitch correction, reverb, delays etc. Professional music mixing is the process where we take all of your sounds and instruments recorded and blend them to perfection. When the song mixing and mastering services are completed you will be blown away with how your finished product sounds musically.


Mastering on the other had still involves compression, eq, and limiting. Our online music mastering is done to the final mix, adding the BIG sound and polish to bring your music to a radio ready level. Mastering also allows to to help the album sound unified. When you send us your audio for our mastering services, your song will have the shine and balance as what you hear on today’s top 40 charts.


All of our music mastering services are done by our world renowned audio engineer Vinny DeLeon, fine tuned in the House of Hits Recroding Studio A room. This “A room” is an acoustically treated mastering studio equipped with high end analog and digital audio equipment. We assure you nothing but the best, balanced sound, booming low end and a full dynamic range. 


How does the process work? 


1. Go-to our services page, place your order and upload your files. 

2. Vinny puts the work on the calendar and makes sure the files are sent correctly. 

3. We polish your files and send finished work back to you for approval. 

4. You can approve your mix and master or request a revision. When completed we then email you your final files in a .WAV (24bit, 44.1k file) and Mp3 format.


Whose name should be credited for Mixing and Mastering?


We are genuinely grateful for all credits pertaining to any and all music we collaborate on. Please use the following spelling for all credits:

Vinny “MrMixandMaster.com” DeLeon


Can I have the final files after the online music mixing is completed?


Yes we can provide mixed and mastered stems once your order is completed. Please contact us for more info regarding your needs. 


How great will my music sound once completed?


Vinny has been mixing and mastering for more than 19 years now. You can rest assured you are in great hands when it comes to our online mixing services. Vinny has been awarded 30  platinum records by RIAA for a reason. Vinny can’t make silver gold, but he can sure make that silver shine brighter than any of his competitors. 


Why should I have my audio mastered? 


Audio mastering is the last step in getting your music to is maximum potential. This step allows your music to compete with other professional/major label songs on a national and global stage. Whether you plan to release your music on the radio, CD, Cassette, DVD, Spotify, Apple Music, Sound Cloud, or publishing anywhere on the web, audio mastering is a necessity and vital part of musical success. 


How should I send my files for your online mixing and mastering services?


Simply goto wetransfer.com, and upload your Pro Tools session or compressed zip folder containing all audio stems. Enter your email address and use vinny@mrmixandmaster.com as the recipient. Press send and this step is complete, Vinny will handle the rest. 


Can you produce or remix my song?


Of course, regardless of the genre we can remix your song online! From Rap, Pop, R&B, Gospel, Reggaeton, EDM, Rock,  you name the genre we have done it. Feel free to email us for more info and samples for each genre. Our production team is 30 times platinum and 2 time Grammy award winning for a reason. You can confidently put your career and songs in the hands of an industry leader in audio quality.


How do I know it will sound better?


We assure you a night and day result, we don’t just mix records we flip records. We will do our best to provide amazing results and remember you always have input into how your music sounds. Don’t love the original version, rest assured we can tweak it until you do! 


What will I receive? 


Once your project is completed, you will be sent a .WAV and MP3 file. Stems and a copy of the session are available upon request, these will bring an additional charge.  Every mix and master session includes a plethora of compression, equalization, peak limiting, dynamic expansion, reverb, ambiance addition, stereo widening, noise reduction, loudness, bass enhancement, maximizing, hiss elimination, click clean ups, and much more. 


What is a ISRC code?


Please understand ISRC is not required to use our mastering or mixing services. The international Standard Recording Code (ISRC) is a international code for identifying sound recordings and music videos.  ISRC identifies a specific song, not the work itself. For more information please visit https://isrc.ifpi.org/en/


How many revisions do I receive when I order your professional online mixing and mastering services?


Vinny wants every client to be 110% satisfied when they place an order for mastering music online or when we mix your music online. We understand you are not in the studio with us at the time of the work being completed. So if revisions are needed, we will handle them no problem and at no cost. All revisions are free of charge to our customers, separating ourselves from our competition. 


Do you offer a money back guarantee?


We don’t stop until every client is happy and in love with their music. We offer a satisfaction guarantee, not a money back guarantee just to clarify. This is why we offer revisions at no additional charge, in return guaranteeing you will love your final product no matter how many attempts it may take. We are the premier song mixer online, your work is in great hands when you choose us!


Can I call you over the phone?


Sure you can give us a call, we can be reached at +1(904)237-3190. Call us today with any questions you may have, we look forward to hearing from you. You my also contact us on whats app using the same number above. 


How long does it take to get my music back?


Turn around times are as quick as 24 hours and as long as 3 to 5 weeks. We offer different turn around times for different pricing. Please visit our services page for all turn around times offered and additional information.


What type of payments do you accept? 


We accept all major Credit or Debit cards. We also allow payments via PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Apple Pay, Zelle, Western Union, among others. If your preferred form of payment is not listed, please contact us and we may be able to make an exception.


Are your mixes Analog or Digital?


We use the industries outright top analog gear and digital plug ins to achieve our patented sound.  The hybrid work flow allows for maximum audio results, while still being able to provide a cost effective mix and master. 


What outboard equipment do you have in-house? 


– Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

– Tube Tech CL1B

– Neve 1073

– LA2A

– Chandler Limted TG2

– Burl conversion

– Apogee Symphony I/O

– 2 x Empirical Labs EL8 Distressors 

– Universal Audio 610 Compressor 

– Focusrite RED series EQ and Compressors

– SSL Xlogic G Series Bus Compressor 

– Audient 8024 

– Nueeman u87 and TLM 103

– Roland SRE 555 Tape Echo

– Tascam 

– Studer A-80 Tape Master Recorder 

– Yamaha NS-10 Speakers

– Focal Twin 6 BE Speakers

– Bentley Designs Mains and Subs in walls x 8


Can I record at your studio?


Yes of course, our recording studio is for all musical needs across the board. Whether you need to do a simple voice over, vocal tracking, podcast, record a album, or produce a beat we have you covered. For more information regarding our Miami Recording Studio click click the studio page tab on the top menu or scroll to the bottom of page.


How do I export and send my stems for Mixing and Mastering?


Please remove all effects and plug ins when exporting vocal stems for mixing. Vocals must be dry mono audio files, with no effects, panning or plug ins.  If you are submitting instrumentation stems we ask that you send all files in stereo and keep the levels and effects as is. Please do not process any drastic compression or equalization that may cause distortion and clipping, make sure to label and name your stems accordingly to avoid any delays. 


For the Bit Depth/Rate select 16 or 24. Only select the bit rate your original recording was completed in or lower. Keep in mind, when choosing a higher bit rate than your recording this will corrupt the file. If you are using pro tools please send the session and not the stems.


For a step by step guide on exporting stems in Logic please click the link below:




For a step by step guide on exporting stems in Reason please click the link below:




For a step by step guide on exporting stems in Ableton LIVE please click the link below:




For a step by step guide on exporting stems in Studio One please click the link below:




For a step by step guide on exporting stems in FL Studio please click the link below: 




For a step by step guide on exporting stems in Garage Band please click the link below:



For a step by step guide on exporting stems in Reaper please click the link below:



For a step by step guide on exporting stems in Sonar please click the link below:




For a step by step guide on exporting stems in Adobe Audition please click the link below:




For a step by step guide on exporting stems in Mixcraft please click the link below: