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After a piece of music is recorded and mixed, there’s one final post-production step that will make a song sound full, bright and loud — audio mastering.  Professional music producers use mastering to balance sonic elements of a stereo mix and optimize playback across all systems and media formats, ensuring that a song sounds great on any listener’s device. Traditionally, mastering is done using tools like equalization, compression, limiting and stereo enhancement.

Mastering is what takes a finished mix to the next level, but for the average independent musician working from a home studio, a professional-quality master is hard to achieve. Fortunately, today’s musicians have the benefit of online audio mastering companies. Mr Mix and Master provides the best online music mastering services on the market.

Founded by multi-platinum sound engineer Vinny DeLeon, Mr Mix and Master’s online mastering services will polish your tracks to sound great on any device. Whether you need your music mastered for iTunes, Spotify, CD or any other platform, our music mastering services will make your songs stand out above the rest. Master songs online with Mr. Mix and Master to take your sound to the next level.

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Step one of the process is recording and producing your record from any studio on planet earth!



Make a compressed zip folder of your files and send them using to [email protected].



I master your audio and make sure the record is radio-ready. Next, I send you the completed track via email.



Download and review the final audio master. Request as many revisions as are needed until you are satisfied!

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Online mastering is the last step in the music production process. Mastering is completed after the mixing stage and makes a track or album ready for distribution. The art of mastering involves multiple audio processes such as compression, equalization, stereo enhancement, saturation, and limiting to name a few.

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Typically you master a beat after the vocals have been recorded. Mastering a beat before flying in the vocals runs the risk of a flat and lifeless sound. Clients are aware they are using a pre-mastered version that will not sound like the final. Once the beat and vocals are finished it is then time for mixing, then mastering.

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Before & After Audio Mastering Samples
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Mr Mix and Master Celebrity Clients List, audio mastering clients that we have mastered for.

2X Grammy Award Winning & 62X Platinum Production Team. Click the button to visit our beat page.


Audio mastering is the last and final step in the music post-production process. Mastering is the post-production process of taking the final audio mix and prepping for distribution by sending all files to a mastering engineer for a professional sounding master file.

The most common mastering process begins with a series of subtle audio tweaks such as equalization, compression, saturation, stereo enhancement, and limiting to name a few of the most known mastering techniques.

The end goal of music mastering is to balance the stereo mix, to achieve a smooth and cohesive sound and consistent loudness resulting in the highest quality master. When done correctly mastering ensures a consistent playback across all systems and in turn is optimized for any and all media formats.

  • Emphasize and reduce frequencies of the final mix
  • Remove clicks, pops, hissing, and other unwanted noises
  • Creates tonal balance, assuring an even frequency distribution
  • Provides a consistent and balanced audio across all platforms
  • Fixes unpleseant frequencies and improves imbalances of the mix
  • The overall loudness is controlled and reaches a commercial peak
  • Enhancement to add dimension and balance the stereo field.
  • Helps achieve a much bigger sound, creating fullness


While you might have the talent to carry your performance, a professional mastering engineer can control a songs overall dynamics to quickly improve your musics overall audio quality and individual tracks.

Audio mastering explained by 32 times platinum mastering engineer Vincent Deleon. A how to for mastering music for beginners.

Below are a few bullet points on how audio mastering improves your overall music quality:

      1. Contolling Dynamics: Mastering assures dynamic variation is not too big from one sound to the next, resulting in a more consistent sound on the mastered track.
      2. Alters Loudness: Commerical music is the job of mastering, limiting is done after a song is balanced. By adjusting the frequency the loudness is adjusted to match the level of commercial music.
      3. Balancing of the Mix: Balance must be achieved before limiting can take place, the high frequencies are tamed and controls to achieve the balance.
      4. Tames resonances: Resonances in the mix often build up, this is built up during the master and controlled during the mastering process.
      5. Enhances Stereo Image: Adding stereo width is what music masters consider ear candy, every adjustment made one must first pay attention to what’s happening to the focused center of the stereo image and dynamic range.
Music mastering- is it necessary?


Many recording artists have similar questions… Is mastering necessary? Does mastering make a difference? How important is mastering? Do I need to master my music at a mastering studio…?

When it comes to mastering music there is plenty of debate on whether or not mastering music is really necessary. Is sending music to a professional mastering engineer really going to make a difference many of my clients ask? The short answer is yes, very few songs have a good enough mix to skip out on this very important piece of the post production process.

Have you ever been driving in your car listening to your favorite song and then suddenly have to turn the volume up or down because all of sudden the volume level changed? This is the result of a poor master quality, if done correctly a master will never have to be adjusted and all sounds are consistent throughout the song.

If you consider yourself a professional and wan’t your music to sound like what you hear on today’s radio the answer is simple, music mastering is necessary and can be achieved online by finding the right audio mastering company.


Audio mastering companies prices can vary from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars… I will explain why this large variance and how much mastering a song costs for those with a tight budget and for those with no constraints on budget.

Beware of the attractive $5 dollar online music mastering services when shopping on a budget, many mastering companies these days are using plug-ins and artificial intelligence applications. These one size fits all approach can result in poor quality, leaving the customer no option to hire yet another mastering engineer to finish the record correctly.

The upper echelon of winning mastering engineers range anywhere from $40.00 dollars if your schedule allows for a lengthy turn around time. If you need your master back in 3-5 days you will have to pay a premium, high-quality mastering engineers with this kind of customer service start at roughly $75.00 and go up to triple and quadruple digits quickly. For same day turn around on masters we charge $200 per song.

  • USD39.99PER
    • Fast Turn Around Times
    • Radio Ready Quality
    • Any and All Genres


Finding quality online music mastering services can be a challenge. These 4 quick tips can help you on your journey to choosing a quality online mastering company.

4 Quick Tips on how to find a quality online mastering company:

      1. Sound: Ask yourself, do there before and after samples sound professional? Do they sound like what you hear on today’s top 40? If you hear a final master that makes you move and glows sonically, you are close finding your match.
      2. Style: While some mastering engineers are renowned for particular genres, being experienced in a certain genre is not a deal breaker when it comes to finding the right mastering engineer. *Note: This theory does not apply when choosing a mixing engineer.
      3. Budget: Accolades on a mastering engineers resume drives price, 9 times out of ten a mastering engineers success is a direct correlation with price. If you continue searching you will eventually find that one out of ten who has the accolades, buttheir prices don’t reflect those accomplishments and they still offer affordable prices.
      4. Reputation: Always remember credits are a very strong indicator of quality, a big list of credits are an even better indicator.  Always make sure to read all customer reviews thoroughly, other customers experiences and companies online reputation say a whole lot about a companies overall quality and customer service.

Stay patient on your search, that one out of ten really does exist you just have to find it. If you are tired of searching and you are just looking for a recommendation we have you covered in the paragraph below.


Mr Mix and Master is a 129 times platinum audio engineer who can take your music and give it new life. We have radio-ready standards, offering a top 40 sound no matter what the musical genre at the fraction of other mastering engineers with such accolades.

We will polish your material and deliver an industry level radio ready master file guaranteed. Our mastering engineer Vinny DeLeon has over 20 years of experience providing both major label clients and independents all over the world.

Located in Miami, Florida and opened in 2006, Mr Mix and Master provides the best online mastering services for the most affordable rates on the internet. Our state of the art recording studio facility is equipped with the best gear money can buy, including brands such as Burl, SSL, Neve, Nuemann, Chandler Limited, Heritage Audio, Antares, Tube Tech, Apogee, and many more. Which is one of the many reasons you should choose us to master your music online.

Founded by multi-platinum and Billboard number one engineer Vinny De Leon, we have been delivering top charting mastering services online to record labels and musicians all over the globe. Whether it’s one song or a complete album, our affordable pricing structure lets artists allocate their budget in advance, with the utmost confidence in their sound.


6 Step Audio Mastering and Techniques For Beginners:

  • WHAT IS AUDIO MASTERING? Audio mastering is the last and final step in the music post production process. Mastering is the post-production process of taking the final audio mix and prepping for distribution by sending all files to a mastering engineerListen to all tracks and picture each as separate entities: The goal here is to tell which songs sound alike and which ones jump out. By doing so the majority of these songs will have a similar feel to them, and these are the songs on the album to start with.
  • Listen to the mix a second time but this time as a whole: The key here is to not listen as if you were an arranger, don’t listen like a mixing engineer and don’t listen like a songwriter. The great mastering engineers have the ability to take a step back from their previous work on the song and hear it as a new track, just like fans listen to a song for the first time.
  • Search for the main element that talks to you: In 2020 the main piece of a record these days are the vocals and the most imporant element of a song. There is a rare case this rule doesnt apply and that is if mastering an instrumental. The task at hand here is the vocal is clear and stand out easily distinguishable bit depth.
  • Plan where you want to go with the master: Before jumping into your master, attempt to have an idea of what you’d like the finished track to sound like before starting. To achieve this try asking yourself the following questions:
    • Any frequency that seems to stand out? Any frequency that you may have left out? Are any parts of the track punchy enough? Are there overall levels of the record loud enough? Is the lead element in focus and distinct?
  • Now slowly increase the levels: If you can hear a wide frequency spectrum and low end on your speakers, now concentrate on increasing the levels as opposed to raising EQ. This is a safe bet to avoid any issues later on in the master.
  • Create consistency amongst the tracks to match: Replay the whole album one last time, this time making sure each has a consistent level. Keep in mind the goal here is to be sure that all songs sound equal when being played at full blast. This is easiest when listening back and forth to all track and tweaking ever so slightly and adjusting levels as needed.

PRO MASTERING TECHNIQUE PART 1: Keep the buss compression or over-limiting to an absolute minimum, when done incorrectly by applying to much creates what is known as hypercompression. Hypercompression should be avoided on all mastering projects no matter what the circumstance.


You’ve already read about some of the positive results many different musicians have been able to achieve through audio mastering. Yet those aren’t the only benefits you can expect.

Here are the five biggest benefits of using a professional audio mastering company to capture the quality sound you are searching for:

1) Saves both time and effort

We all know our time is limited in today’s fast paced world. Many independent artists just don’t have enough free time in their schedule to obtain the extensive knowledge required to achieve the necessary skill set to obtain the sound they are after. Instead recording artist rely on mastering engineers so they can focus on finishing music.

Finishing music is one of the hardest thing to do, all artists know what I am referring too. But it’s also the most satisfying part of the music making process. In essence audio mastering is the finish line of the song making process. Mastering engineers can take multiple years searching for a sound that works, once achieved they can then pump out unlimited masters.

Hiring a mastering engineer is a great idea for any artist looking to wrap up their music… Our before and after mastering samples speak for themselves and will save you the time and stress of studying or attending class to obtain the necessary knowledge.

2) Provides Consistency

Have you ever listened to a record while driving in a car and the bass bumps sounding big and full, then when you listen to that same record through your headphones the low end suddenly disappears?

It’s the job of a professional mastering engineer to ensure that your music sounds good whether its heard on a high-end stereo system or a pair of earbuds.

A solid mix may sound great on the system you mixed it on. But a good mix should sound great everywhere across all platforms.

An audio mastering engineers main focus is to assure your record sound consistent across all platforms and does not vary from one to the other.

3) Creates a competitive edge

These days there are more musicians than ever making music so it is more important than ever that your music stands out from the pack. A master becomes pivotal for you as a musician because your music is tossed amongst the plethora of songs all competing for a listen. You don’t want your music to drown in an ocean of mediocre music across the planet.

Music mastering provides this competitive edge when it comes to stacking up against other musicians in the industry, make your music stand out by choosing a skilled mastering engineer who produces a unique sound that is big and full no matter where it is played.

4) Dynamics and Flow

Fans don’t enjoy listening to records that sound dull and flat. A talented mastering engineer will do whats necessary to add color and adjust the level of dynamics while simultaneously keeping the sound of the song consistent. There is a fine line to achieve this unique sound, such as as correctly using compression and limiting between the loudest and quietest pieces of your record in order to maintain a pleasant sound.

Listeners don’t want to be troubled by constantly having to adjust the volume from one track to the next. This art involves arranging the order in a correct hierarchy while additionally adding in fades where necessary for dynamic processing. The importance of mastering is critical when creating a new EP or album, the goal is to make sure the project dynamics are present and does not disrupt the flow. This process provides smoothness when the album is being played in its entirety from the first song to the last resulting in a clean sample rate.

5) Correct Formatting

Audio streaming platforms and online distributors require all songs to be submitted in the correct format to assure their listeners a pleasurable listening experience.

Formatting is very important to make sure your upload matches the requirements of the different platforms. When a mastering engineer completes your project they will then send you a ‘master’ version of each track which will then be used by the artist to submit across the different platforms in file formats such as MP3 file and WAV file to name a few, this file will then be uploaded online or even be used to create your next CD or Mixtape.

Any Genre
Any Genre
Don’t see your genre in our samples? Contact us and we can send you before and after samples, we have worked with any and all genres ranging from hip hop to country music we do it all!
Fast Turnaround
Fast Turnaround
We offer same day turn around time. We also offer flexible turn around time options for our independent clients, we offer these options to align with any and all budgets.
Affordable Rates
Affordable Rates
We are catered toward independent artists, we offer services for any and all budgets. Bulk discounts are available for your next album, mixtape, or any order of 6 songs or more.


Below are few frequently asked questions related to music mastering services. For our extended FAQ Page  to all your mastering questions please click here.

What is the process when ordering a music master?

1) Create your audio or instrumental in your favorite audio program

2) Send us your audio file by uploading to our online server

3) Mr Mix and Master will then master your record and return back to you

4) Open your master and give it a listen or two, then submit any changes and we will revise and return until you are 1000% satisfied with the final master.

For a more detailed explanation of the audio mastering process click here.

How should you prepare your session for mastering?

Quick Steps when preparing your session:

      • Finalize the audio mix
      • Bypass all bus processing
      • Leave space at both beginning and end of track
      • Submit file with all tracks and instrumental version just to be safe
      • Format your file to export in the highest resolution possible
      • Email your mastering engineer all notes and recommendations

For a more detailed explanation on how to prepare your session click here for a detailed article where we break down each step in further detial.

How many revisions are included with my mastering?

Every company has different rules regarding revisions and some even charge for any rounds of revisions. We will do our best to provide amazing results and remember you always have input into how your master ultimately sounds. If you dont love the final master, rest assured we can revise it until you do. 

Mr Mix and Master doesn’t stop until every client is happy and in love with their music. By offering a satisfaction guarantee, not a money back guarantee just to clarify. This is why we offer revisions at no additional charge, in return guaranteeing you will love your final master no matter how many attempts it may take.

This is one of the many reasons we are considered an industry leading audio mastering company, your work is in the hands of a trust worthy mastering engineer when you choose us for any and all of your music mastering needs!

Top 3 audio mastering software for engineers?

The top 3 Digital Audio Workstations are listed below in no particular order, these workstations are constructed with mastering in mind, offering audio engineers many features that other software in the market simply lacks.

Ready for Professional Online Mastering Services?

To sound your best, you need to work with the best, so choose an online mastering company committed to improving your sound. Mr Mix and Master’s audio mastering services are convenient and affordable, making it easier than ever to experience the benefits of working with a professional mastering engineer. When you work with us, you’ll get a clear understanding of how our Audio Mastering Services will increase your views, streams, shares, and record sales to help you take your music and career to the next level!

To transform your recordings into professional-quality productions ready for any radio station or streaming playlist, order online music mastering through Mr Mix and Master today!