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A Complete Guide for Mixing Music

How to Mix Music Online: The Audio Mixing Guide

The process of audio mixing is one that’s extremely important in building the right track – or album. However, there are several things to consider. In this guide, we’ll walk through some of the most important steps when searching for how to mix music online.

Setting up your mixing session

If you’ve got a digital audio workstation, then you’re pretty okay, since most of them provide useful work templates that can help you learn how to mix. As long as you’ve got a model that you like, then you can begin on your audio engineering journey.

Properly name tracks 

It sounds simple, but it’s actually essential. If you record something separate, then name it as it should be. That’s part of what audio mixing is all about. Whether you mix music online or not, make sure that everything is named as it should.

This way, you can remember a component when you want it and just get to it quickly when its time for mixing vocals.

The primary audio mixing workflow

Everyone has an idea when it comes to how to mix songs or the essential things in terms of audio mixing. However, the essential basics include the following:


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Getting the right mix 

Audio mixing doesn’t start at the point when you get the audio mixing software. Music mixing is a continuous piece of the music production process that takes various steps.

Mostly, there are several things you will need to keep in mind and follow step by step. You need to know how the track will feel, the type of ambiance you’re looking to build, and how to get the best character out of the recordings sound.

So, when someone comes to you and says, “Mix my song,” you need to remember a lot of this and ask them the questions. By understanding what you want the song to be like, you can throw in your music mixing expertise to help bring out the best in it.

Using A Bus

A bus is another crucial part of professionally mixed music. When you send multiple sounds to a single track (which, by the way, is the bus), you can give them the same processors.

Buses are handy. A drum bus allows you to process the drum sounds to one unit, and you can treat them with a single reverb to bring them all into the same space. All in all, buses are great for experimenting with sounds such as a kick drum or bass guitar.

NOTE: Try to keep to good sounds from the onset even if recording in a home studio. This will avoid a lot of stress in the long-run.

Balancing your levels

At this point, your audio mixing is getting to the finish line.

The next step is to trim the mix a bit. Whether you mix music online or physically at the recording studio, this is also vital. Cut here and there, and balance levels to see the perfect combination that will help bring out the character you’re working towards.

Again, keep in mind that the steps that follow how to mix a song differ between music mixing experts. Some who mix music online might follow a template, while others prefer a different method for how to mix songs. However, these steps will help guide you.

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Panning is another vital part of the audio mixing process. It helps you to control a mix’s width, and it helps you to place sounds properly in a mix.

As a music mixing expert, you will need to keep the lower and heavier sounds close to the center. They should be the centering force that will help carry the track. If everything is centrally panned, your mix will sound crowded or flat.

EQ, Compression, and Reverb

These are the most critical parts of the music mixing process. When you get the “Help me mix my song,” request, and you’ve begun on the steps for how to mix a song, you will need to take special care here.


EQ is the mixing part that deals with frequencies. It boosts, cuts, and balances the mix’s frequencies to ensure that you achieve the perfect sound.

What is EQ?

Every sound his made of frequencies, which are measured in Hertz (Hz). Equalizing is the art of boosting, cutting, and balancing all the frequencies in a mix to get the preferred sound.  All sounds can be placed in low or high-frequency categories, but they will also all have effects later on.

The surgical audio equalizer

Filters will help make your frequency range more precise. The most important are high and low pass filters, which limit the signal that you can let through during gain staging.

Also, keep in mind that you need to be careful and pay attention to every track.

Carving EQ

Carving EQ in the audio mixing process is corrective EQ. You correct your frequency while considering the other tracks, and you make everything fit much better. Carving one track with the others in mind will especially allow the mixes to blend with one another and sound better.

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The dynamics are the gap between a song’s quietest parts and the loudest. However, swings in dynamics make it challenging to fit the entire track together.

Many people come and say, “Mix my song,” and they don’t care about the differences in decibel levels. While dynamics are reasonable, there are times when you need some consistency.

That’s where compression comes in – another vital part of how to mix songs.


With compression, you frame the dynamic range to make a song, and the audio mixing process fits better. Compressors limit the amount of frequency that is let through. So, when someone comes and says, “Mix my song,” you can cut the decibel levels with a compressor to make the music mixing process more comfortable.

While dynamics are fine, you have to remember that you’re trying to create a consistent level in the entire song. That’s what compressors help to achieve.


Reverb is like the mirror image of a sound. It’s that simple.

The artificial reverb effect

If you’re using reverb as an effect in the audio mixing process, then you can do what you want – even when you mix music online. As long as you get what you like, then you’re fine.

You can also add a bit of a mix with your steps concerning how to mix a song and put the EQ before the reverb. You will EQ what goes into the reverb.

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Mix references

Mix references are another tool that all music mixing engineers should use, whether they mix music online or not.

With these tools, you can measure up your mix to see if it sounds excellent and is up to standard.

Essentially, you can get a track you love and compare it with what you’ve done. Compare each component to what you love about the reference track, and make amends where you need to.

Regardless of what the track is, throw it up and see how you’ve performed.

Lather, rinse, repeat!

Keep in mind that getting the right mix is a process. The audio mixing process is one where you always need to go back and make adjustments as you move forward. When you have the perfect mix, you’ll know it.

Make your own rules when mixing music online! 

Now that we know how to mix a song, and we’ve seen the steps for people who mix music online and who mix physically, you need also to remember that audio mixing is a creative process.

There are steps on how to mix songs, but when someone comes and says, “Help to mix my song,” leave some space for the creative in you to find expression. Take chances and see where the process leads you. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you followed the guides for how to mix songs or if you prefer to mix music online or not. As long as the product sounds great, you’ve done an excellent job.

Online Music Mixing, Mr Mix and Master Microphone for mixing music online explained. A guide on what you need to know to mix music in 2020.
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