Mix music online by Mr mix and master explains the basics of music mixing, pro tops on how to obtain the perfect mix when mixing audio

Mixing Basics: Where to Mix Music Online

Mr Mix and Master mixing basics, a how-to on where you should mix music online and how to find the right engineer. Providing an extensive overview of everything you need to know to be successful at obtaining the perfect sounding mix in today's loudness war.... 0

Best Microphone Pop Filter For Your Money

Best microphone pop filter for your money Figuring out the best microphone pop filter for your money is always a bit tricky. That’s because every person wants something unique, different and it’s important to figure out exactly what budget you have. Once you do that…


Best Speakers For a Home Studio

A home studio is always nice to have as it brings you more creativity and features into the mix. It’s hard to create the best home studio out there without the right tools, however, and that’s why we are here to help you with that….

Sech Otro Mixing and Master

Who mixed Sech’s Otro Trago & Remix

THE GRINGO WHO MIXED SECH’S OTRO TRAGO Sech, of course, is the star of Suenos, his album that came out early 2019. What alot of people don’t realize is, there are a handful of players that contributed to the finished product we’re playing in our…


Best Pro Tools Shortcut Key Commands

How to use Pro Tools Shortcut Key Commands At Mr. Mix and Master, we use different Pro Tools pitch correction, editing notes and finding tempo among other things. This software is exceptional, but didn’t you know there are ways you can make using your Port…

Radio Edit Your Song Today, Clean Edit and Clean Version for your record!

How to Find Tempo of a Beat in Pro Tools

The mixing and mastering processes involve more than what the names may suggest. Among the things included is the pitch correction, notes adjustment and finding the tempo to make a track sound more natural and realistic. At Mr. Mix and Master, finding tempo is probably…

How to Use Melodyne

How to Use Melodyne vocal editing tool

The ability for mixing engineers to correct pitch is necessary. Without question, this is a most common application used at Mr. Mix and Master when it comes to vocal manipulation and performances. The lineage starts way back in the 1920’s which lead to the introduction…


How Waves Renaissance Bass Works

Sometimes, as an audio engineer or a producer, no matter what you do the kick sounds or bass, the efforts are not good enough when trying to perform mixing. You will find that if specific low frequencies are not present in the sound from the…