6 Vocal Mixing Tricks For Release-Ready Sound

You don’t have to be a musical pro to recognize badly mixed vocals. They are disharmonious, irritating, and frankly make you want to yank your ears off. And it can be heartbreaking if the vocals aren’t sounding right even after mixing vocals in your track….

How to mix rap vocals

5 Tips on Mixing Rap Vocals

When searching how to mix lead rap vocals online, it is certain that you will come upon pages and pages of data from different people telling you about different ways to do things. This is because almost every music mixer uses a different method when... 6
Mix music online by Mr mix and master explains the basics of music mixing, pro tops on how to obtain the perfect mix when mixing audio

Mixing Basics: Where to Mix Music Online

Mr Mix and Master mixing basics, a how-to on where you should mix music online and how to find the right engineer. Providing an extensive overview of everything you need to know to be successful at obtaining the perfect sounding mix in today's loudness war.... 0

Best Microphone Pop Filter For Your Money

Best microphone pop filter for your money Figuring out the best microphone pop filter for your money is always a bit tricky. That’s because every person wants something unique, different and it’s important to figure out exactly what budget you have. Once you do that…


Best Speakers For a Home Studio

A home studio is always nice to have as it brings you more creativity and features into the mix. It’s hard to create the best home studio out there without the right tools, however, and that’s why we are here to help you with that….

Sech Otro Mixing and Master

Who mixed Sech’s Otro Trago & Remix

THE GRINGO WHO MIXED SECH’S OTRO TRAGO Sech, of course, is the star of Suenos, his album that came out early 2019. What alot of people don’t realize is, there are a handful of players that contributed to the finished product we’re playing in our…