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A Good Mix Vs. A Poor Mix? Difference

It might seem like differentiating good music from bad music is something that depends on one’s taste. Although to some extent this is true, how would you feel when your mix is rejected everywhere including radio stations? Some people find it hard to interpret whether…

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What is Music Mixing and Why It Is Important

Music is all about mixing your audio, tracking and mastering. However, it’s pretty usual for musician and non-musician to underestimate the power of mixing and its importance. In the world of music, mixing is a vital aspect of a recording.   Although most people won’t…

What is an Audio Mixing Engineer?

What is the Job of Audio Mixing Engineer?

We all know without quality music, we won’t be able to enjoy music. However, for a high-quality final song, there are different types of professionals needed and one of them is an audio mixing engineer. Audio mixing engineers are mixing engineers who have some formal…

House of Hits Miami Master Suit Recording Studio (A Room)

TOP 5 Recording Studios In Miami, FL

Sure, nowadays technology has made things easier to a point where one can record vocals at home. People can use USB mic, or an old PC and still go viral, but using a professional recording studio to record your song allows for a professionally recorded…

How to Start Recording Vocals from Home

How To Record Vocals From Home

Times are changing. There used to be a time when recording vocals could cost someone an arm and a leg. Now, technology has made it easier for people to record vocals at home. Consumers can find consumer-level equipment that is good enough for recording quality…

How to Mix Acoustic Guitar Music

How to Mix Acoustic Guitars

People use the acoustic guitar in almost every style of the contemporary music. There are very few instruments whose use is as ubiquitous. In every track, from heavy rock to folk, acoustic guitar has its place. While there are improvements in sample-based acoustic guitar in…


The Fastest Way to Reach the Top is to Start There (HOH)

In Midtown District, you’re perfectly positioned to experience mainland destinations and you’re next to creative hotspots like Wynwood and Edgewater. A neighborhood with broad appeal, color-flooded walls, outdoor cafes and fine food purveyors, all snuggle into inviting streets and shops. We ‘re proud to announce…