New Miami Recording Studio Now Open


House of Hits is now open and offering studio time to all artists big or small…


What makes good music great? It’s not just the lyrics of the song or the instruments used, but also the sound quality. Music lovers enjoy a high quality of sound in all the music or soundtracks they listen to. But all artists know that creating the best quality of sounds by using a professional recording studio and Mix & Mastering engineers does not come cheap. Especially if you are a budding artist in the Miami area, you would know that finding a good Recording studio that suits your budget is next to impossible.


But don’t lose hope yet! offers tailored recording and mixing services that will surely suit the budget of any independent artist looking to create their recording in a hi-definition sound quality! is owned and run by Vinny D, who engineers soundtracks made by both aspiring artists and major celebrities to make them radio ready. By following a four step simple process, Vinny D will get your tracks fine-tuned and ready to be released on the radio in no time.


Along with providing music recording sessions at reasonable rates, Vinny D also offers professional mixing and mastering services to ensure that your music always sounds awesome! By using his online music mixing tools, your music is sure to sound better than what you had been expecting.


Every artist knows that a recording studio is needed if you want every beat of your music to be clearly audible. And the services of a music mixing or mastering engineer is also required if you want every note and beat of your music to be a loud and clear. This is exactly what Vinny D can do for you at his Miami Recording Studio.


He has also worked with some of the music industry’s leading celebrities like T-Pain, Beanie Man, Trina, Jeremih, The Weeknd, etc. and has helped them create award-winning music. But don’t take our word for it. Try out his services for yourself and see the high level of quality music you can expect! You can even check out some music mixing and mastering samples on his website;


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