What is an Audio Mixing Engineer?

What is the Job of Audio Mixing Engineer?

We all know without quality music, we won’t be able to enjoy music. However, for a high-quality final song, there are different types of professionals needed and one of them is an audio mixing engineer. Audio mixing engineers are mixing engineers who have some formal education about music, records, and sound as a whole package. However, what exactly does an audio mixing engineer do?

What is the job of an audio mixing engineer?

Audio engineers are the professional who works on the technical aspect of your song during production. They manipulate the sound or audio by mixing, manipulation the equalization, reproducing the electronic effects of sound and much more. Audio mixing engineers are also responsible for adjusting the levels, synchronizing sound and adding effects to the audio.

Audio mixing engineers need to have a solid understanding of engineering equipment and should be able to perform repairs and troubleshooting when they are needed too. Creatively, these professions can work with other sound technicians such as vocalists, musicians and music producers to lay the structure of a well-finished product.

Audio mixing engineers don’t need to work in music alone. Others end up controlling and designing the sound in theaters, at conferences and in other avenues where their services are needed. They control sound levels, outputs, and microphones to perfection. These engineers combine knowledge and experience of acoustic with well-trained ears to produce a top quality song and achieve high-quality sound for various purposes.  

Different types of audio mixing engineers

  • A Monitor sound engineer: takes control of the sound the band hears on stage.
  • System engineer: takes care of setting complex PA systems, amps, speakers and other equipment.
  • Studio sound engineer: work in recording studios and are responsible for high-quality recordings of sound effects, speech, and music.
  • Wireless microphone engineers: responsible for wireless microphone used a corporate event, sports events or theatre production.
  • Game audio designer engineers: take care of sound for computer games and video.

An audio mixing engineer is able to handle all the above sections of audio in music, video, conference, games or any other place. However now days a engineer musically should not be one who just cleans up songs, but takes them to the next level. Adding effects, reverb, beat drops, pitch correction, sound design, arrangement changes and much much more.

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