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A Good Mix Vs. A Poor Mix? Difference

It might seem like differentiating good music from bad music is something that depends on one’s taste. Although to some extent this is true, how would you feel when your mix is rejected everywhere including radio stations?

Some people find it hard to interpret whether the music in question is a bad mix or a good one. There are different opinions when it comes to some specifics, but there are other things that can be used to know a good music mix vs a poor mix.

How can you differentiate between good and bad mix?

There are reasonable and unbiased ways to differentiate between the good and the bad mix. These ways include gathering information about the music in question-based on music elements like performance practices, melody, rhythm, and harmony. You can also know if the music is mixed and master properly. To start off, here are things that can help you differentiate between good and bad mix.

The wrong sounds

The sound is one thing that makes a mix better or worse. There are tracks that don’t have the correct sound. It might be because of incorrect timing. Timing is vital when it comes to mixing sound and other mix effects.

Good performance practices

Again, when it comes to differentiating well from bad music, performance practices should be considered. A good mix is self-effecting and subdued while bad one might include some bad performance practices and self, aggrandizements. These, however, depend on the person producing and listening to the music in question.

Good melody, lyrics, and harmony

To some, there is no difference between melody and harmony. However, these two go hand in hand. For instance, think of a melody that consists of only one tone. You might want to consider the melody and forget about the lyrics and harmony, but the end result might not be a good song for your audience.

The three are like three-dimensional music. A mix should always consist of melody, lyric, and harmony. Some music can lack either of the elements, and a song cannot lack all three. A music piece where there of them are available will always be a mix to listen to. Again, when it comes to good music and lyrics, to some, good music promotes moral content while bad one promotes immorality and violence.

The wrong feel

Achieving the right feel on a mix is a way to know a good mix from a bad one. The beats of your mix must define the groove, but at the same time be aware that the same groove might destroy the mix.

It seems to be difficult to tell good music from bad music as most people think that the difference between the two lies in the one listening to the song. However, there are some ways you can differentiate bad music from a good song, some of them are effects, music elements, lyrics, melody and harmony in the music in question. Mr. Mix and Master specialize in music mixing services that result in a final product enjoyed by everyone. Visit our online music mixing page and get the best professional music mixing services on earth!