Informative Websites for Mixing and Mastering Websites

Best Informative Websites for Mixing and Mastering Music

In recent days, music producers and an engineer are trying to learn more about mixing and mastering music. Some want to reinvent it while others want to perfect it. If you are a professional music producer or a mix and mastering engineer, you will know that music doesn’t need to be reinvented, it’s perfect the way it is. However, instead of reinventing music, people should know how to discover new music. Along with, here are the best music mixing and mastering informative sites where you can learn more about music and how to discover sounds and music.

The Pensado’s place

Found online at, the Pensado’s place is hosted and co-hosted by mix engineer Dave Pensado and Herb Trawick, a veteran executive/manager-producer. The Pensado place has always been known as the “Charlie Rose audio” by many. The segment of this place includes technique application, interviews, speed rounds, interactive audience participation and more. With mix credits including Kelly Clarkson, Elton John, Michael Jackson and Beyoncé, you can get valuable information about mixing and mastering on this site.

The Cadenza

Since it was introduced online in 1997, Cadenza has established itself among the sites where you can find incredible information about mixing and mastering. Since 1998, Cade3nza concerts have been running and automatic systems in various countries worldwide. According to the site, the concert system if free. It is a site developed as a service for the worldwide classical music community.

Classical Tryo

Classical Tyro is a website is considered a beginner’s guide to great music. Founded by Jim Smith, the website offers ideas on what are the best resources that can help you learn classical music. Associated with Amazon, the site offer users other guides to composers, and CDs and a wealth of information about an exhaustive catalog and classical music.

Home studio corner

The Home Studio Corner is a website meant to help you excel in mixing at home. It also gives you different ways to hone your recording skills, expand your recording knowledge and help you make better recordings. On the website, you will find a ton of articles about music, Videos, training products among other music material. The founder of the site is by Joe Gilder.


Music Moz is another site that offers “a comprehensive directory of all things music.” The site list and accepts submissions of anything related to music such as music reviews, biographies, factual information, articles, and websites. You can browse the site using the search feature or the hierarchy of categories to find what you want. Also found on the site are resources like Sequenza21, a contemporary classical music community for music and mixing lovers.

Recording revolution

The recording revolution was founded by Graham Cochrane. The site offer answers to most of the music questions such as the gear you need to make sound recordings, how to get mixes to sound like what you hear on systems, how to make more music with limited studio time and how to get professional sound mixes or recording using your home studio gear. Visit to get the answer to these questions and more.


Founded in 2001, Izotope offers you a list of resources, including help documentation, product videos, product installers, educational guides, and free add-ons. The aim of Izotope is to help the musician, audio engineer, and producer focus on craft rather than the tech behind plug-ins, software hardware, and apps.

Pro Audio Files

Pro Audio files are among the websites that offer you articles about mixing, recording, producing, and mastering. The site also has videos about the compression, EQ, drums, and Hip-Hip, effects, guitar among other things.