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Music mixing is an important procedure that all artists should make sure their track go through. Mr. Mix and Master offers the best music mixing services in Memphis hands down. At Mr. Mix and Master, our aim of entering the music production industry in Memphis is to make sure we give an artist a Chance to get the best music mixing services in Tennessee.



Mr. Mix and Master is a professional and highest quality mastering studies that specializes in high-quality music mastering services. Our music mastering services in Memphis allow us to provide all our clients with outstanding music mastering services. We also provide a convent payment system and affordable rate for all the music mastering services you need in Memphis.




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Attention Memphis Tennessee!

Sometimes artists, producer, and music engineers fail to understand the importance of music mixing and mastering services. A good music mastering and mixing services should always follow the correct process. The process should include using the right equipment, and experienced engineer’s not forgetting investing quality time. At Mr. Mix and Master, we offer the right process when it comes to audio mixing and mastering.

Music mixing and mastering in Memphis should not be done differently. We know the importance of a correct process, and we make sure to offer all our clients that. Starting from the time you send your track to us to the finish, we make sure we come up with the best final product.

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    What sets us apart?


    Professional equipment

    Using professional equipment is a must in all music mixing and mastering services even in Memphis. All audio equipment is different. We spend quality time to choose the correct gear to make sure whatever we provide you is of the best quality.

    To start with, our digital and analog mixing and mastering equipment allows providing outstanding balanced acoustics, audio fidelity, and exceptional studio workflow for music mixing and mastering in Memphis. Our collection of professional equipment includes compressors, signal processors, equalizers, cables, and monitors.

    On the other hand, our Music mastering series in Memphis is all about understood your music, what you want and the effect to add to make it a professional track. Our experienced engineers will always listen to your needs and carefully enhance individual tracks.

    Our experience

    Once you send your track to Mr. Mix and Master, our engineers will immediately start to work. Our music mixing services in Memphis start with the process of listening to your songs before adding all the additional effect needed to make your track what you want it to be. We always strive to get the best out of your recording and give your listeners what they want.

    Our online music mixing and mastering services

    You don’t need to come to the studios for your music to be processed. You can always use our online music mixing and mastering services in Memphis. To give you’re the best, we make sure to out all our creativity and experience in everything we do include our online services. The chief engineer, Mr. Vinny D has been engineering, playing, mixing, mastering and producing audio for many years. His passion and attention to details are evident in every project he handles.

    Getting music mixing and mastering services in Memphis should not be that difficult anymore. Mr. Mix and Master offer the best Music mixing services in Memphis. We have online music mastering services where our clients are included in every step of the project. All equipment and engineers use their experience and creativity to give you the best music services available.


    2X Grammy Award Winning & 9X Platinum Production Team. Follow the link to visit our Atlanta Beat Page.