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What Does It Cost To Get a Song Professionally Mixed?

What Does It Cost To Get a Song Professionally Mixed?

Are you looking to mix your song and you don’t know how much it will cost you? Most people fear music mixing because they think the prices of mixing is too high for them to afford. Some of them have recorded at home, but they don’t seem to know how much it will cost them to pay for the mixing services. Just like recording, music mixing is another aspect of your music career. So you need to find out the mixing rates before you can consider skipping the procedure altogether. Here at a breakdown of what mixing is all about and how much it will cost you.

What music mixing is all about?

The art of music mixing the music industry is more than just adjusting the volume level of vocal tracks and individual instruments. Of course, the whole concept of music lies around volume levels, but the procedure also involves planning, EQ, effects, and automation among other things. Music mixing allows for an incredible change of in sound making your song sound better. Even if you record the track well, without music mixing phase, you will not achieve the kind of sound you want. This mean music mixing is something you can ignore if you want your audience to love your music.

How much does music mixing cost?

The professional cost of music mixing depends on the studio you are using. Financing your track mixing services should be something you need to prepare for from when you start recording your song. Currently, most people budget for the music mixing session beforehand, but budgeting for your mixing session would be difficult if you don’t know the cost. To help you out, here is a rough estimate of what other studios ask for and what we ask for at Mr. Mix and Master by Mr. Vinny D.

Other studios might ask for anything from $50 to $500 per project. This is a rough estimate. However, at Mr. Mix and Master. We offer music mixing services at an affordable cost. Our mixing services start at a rate of $79.99 which is much cheaper than what other studios ask. Our music mixing service rates range from $79.99 – $174.99.

All the music mixing is done by Vinny D, AKA Mr. Mix, and Master, world number 1 celebrity engineer. Vinny D has provided mixing services for top artists like Pit Bull, French Montana and Weekend among others. After choosing the music mixing services, you are expected to pay not more than the price reached upon agreement and nothing much.

Knowing the price of music mixing services gives you a better chance of knowing what you need to keep aside when it’s come to budgeting for your music recording and mixing services. At Mr. Mix and Master, we offer the most affordable mixing services. To check more about our Music mixing services, visit On average our mixing services will cost you anything from $80 to $200 per project. Contact us today at to get your quotation.