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Thanks to modern technology, it’s never been easier to make music on a DIY budget. With so many artists putting their sound out into the world, it’s essential to invest in polishing your production. Online mixing and mastering services give you access to experienced music production professionals, no matter where you live.

Mr. Mix and Master is the best source for affordable mixing and mastering services. Founded by multi-platinum selling producer Vinny DeLeon, we’re committed to bringing your music to life with careful attention and high-fidelity production methods.

Why Professional Audio Mixing and Mastering?

To be the best, you need to sound like the best. Artists from any genre can benefit from giving their songs a professional wipe down. The modern music consumer is used to the clarity and loudness typical of commercial releases. With affordable music mixing services from Mr. Mix and Master, your songs will be radio- and streaming-ready. You have the talent — let Vinny D take your sound to the next level.

How Does Online Mixing and Mastering Work?

When it comes to releasing professional-quality music, mixing and mastering are two essential pieces of the puzzle. Mixing engineers take your recorded audio files — or stems — and apply various techniques to ensure each element blends smoothly with the next. Mixing entails balancing volume levels, compressing peaks and valleys, using reverb and delay, correcting vocal pitch, and numerous other strategies.

Mastering takes a finished mix and prepares it for different listening platforms by controlling loudness, emphasizing and reducing specific frequencies, removing unwanted noise and more. The mastering stage is what makes a song sound full to create an engaging listening experience.

Mr. Mix and Master makes the online mixing and mastering process easy:

  1. Write and record your music in any studio.
  2. Upload your dry stems to and send them to [email protected].
  3. Vinny D will work his magic and send you completed tracks.
  4. Download your songs and send us feedback so we can make changes, free of charge.

Why Mr. Mix and Master?

When you work with Mr. Mix and Master, you’ll get the most affordable rates on professional-grade mixing and mastering that allow your songs to reach their full potential. With our rapid turnaround times, getting the best possible mix and master has never been more convenient. Choose from Standard (3-4 weeks), Express (10-4 days) or Priority (24-72 hours) turnaround on all mixing and mastering services.


Professional-quality mastering is affordable for musicians on any budget.

  • Standard: $24.99
  • Express: $39.99
  • Priority: $59.99


You’ll receive a discount for purchasing both mixing and mastering.

  • Standard: $124.99
  • Express: $174.99
  • Priority: $234.99


Our affordable music mixing rates are based on the number of stems.

  • 5-14 stems: $99.99
  • 15-24 stems: $149.99
  • 25-40 stems: $199.99
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Mr. Mix and Master will layer your vocals into a pre-mixed instrumental for a budget-friendly price.

  • Standard: $199.99
  • Express: $134.99
  • Priority: $174.99

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