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Professional EDM Audio Production

You’ve been working hard on new dance music for a while, but it feels like there’s something missing that prevents it from sounding like your favorite tracks. Professional audio production is what separates artists from the pack, so it’s time to work with the best EDM mixing engineers in the business. Mr. Mix and Master provides online dance music mastering and mixing services that make high-fidelity production a possibility for any artist, in any city.

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Get the Results You Want

As an EDM artist, you use your creativity to develop truly interesting ideas, and Mr. Mix and Master will help bring them to life. A professional-quality EDM mix needs:

  • Full dynamic range: EDM is famous for beat drops that build anticipation and make crowds go crazy. The best EDM mixes allow room for the song to grow from its lowest lows to highest highs.
  • Complete frequency coverage: Pumping bass is a huge part of electronic music, but sonic diversity gives each song its unique flavor. Each element needs space to thrive along the frequency spectrum without interfering with the next.
  • Undeniable clarity: Electronic music thrives on high-fidelity production, meaning listeners should be able to distinguish every instrument and texture used to create a moving EDM experience.
  • Punch you can feel: EDM listeners want to really feel the beat. A good mix will bring out the hard-hitting drums and sub-heavy bass that drive an energetic dance club hit.
  • Immersive stereo playback: With such a variety of sounds, house music artists can get creative with their stereo mix. Great EDM songs intentionally situate instruments to the left and right to create interesting effects and allow room for drums and bass down the center.
  • A great master: Mastering puts the finishing touches on an EDM song by boosting essential frequencies and bringing up the volume level to compete in today’s loudness war.

Mr. Mix and Master’s Process

Vinny D is a pioneer in online music mixing and an accomplished producer with 6 Grammy nominations, 53 RIAA platinum and 3 diamond certified releases. He has the skills and experience for mixing and mastering house music, techno or any other genre.

Mr. Mix and Master makes the online mixing and mastering process easy. Write and record your music on your own wherever you feel most comfortable, then upload your stems to WeTransfer.com. Tag [email protected] so he can download your files and work his magic. Vinny D will send you the finished product within your chosen turnaround window. Then, send Vinny D your feedback, and he’ll make revisions free of charge.

How Much Do Online EDM Mastering and Mixing Services Cost?

Mr. Mix and Master makes high-fidelity audio production a reality for any artist at an affordable price point. Our mixing rates for instrumentals vary depending on the number of stems in your track. Vinny D will mix your song at $99.99 for 5-14 stems, $149.99 for 15-24 stems and $199.99 for 25-40. If you’re working with a vocalist, check out our voice mixing rates that vary based on turnaround time. Mastering services start at $24.99 for Standard, $39.99 for Express and $59.99 for Priority.

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High-quality production makes a difference, so sign up for mixing services and have your songs mastered by Mr. Mix and Master to start seeing impressive results today.

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