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Hip-hop has taken the world by storm and captured the zeitgeist of modern America. The genre’s growing popularity has led to some unforgettable releases, but it also means that countless artists have entered the fray. You have the talent, but investing in high-fidelity production will make your songs stand out in the saturated market.

Mr. Mix and Master is here with mixing and mastering services so hip-hop artists can step into the limelight. Founded by multi-platinum producer and musical expert Vinny DeLeon, Mr. Mix and Master does everything from rap vocal mastering to beat mixing and beyond. We work with artists across the country, so no matter your city, contact our online rap studio to work with the best hip-hop engineers in the industry.

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What Makes a Good Hip-Hop Mix?

Vinny D understands what it takes to produce award-winning hip-hop and rap hits. The best hip-hop mixing elevates a few essential qualities of a great song:

  • Full dynamic range: A good mix leans into your song’s highs and lows, allowing room for the track to build from its quietest moments to loudest crescendos.
  • Complete frequency coverage: Hip-hop has to be sub-heavy, but great songs are more than just bass. The best mixes give each element of the song a home within the frequency spectrum and prevent muddy overlap or cancellation.
  • Undeniable clarity: Artists put a lot of work into beats or rap performances, so great engineers work to ensure listeners catch every word and that each instrument is easily discernible from the next.
  • Punch you can feel: Hip-hop thrives off of hard-hitting kicks and driving bass that makes you move. A good mix energizes your song’s rhythm section.
  • Immersive stereo experience: From the most stripped-back drum and bass patterns to sonically complex beats, a great mix takes full advantage of panning to put the listener in the studio with the artist. Move melodic instruments out wide to make room for vocals, bass and drums down the center, or get creative with swirling synths and ambient echos.
  • A great master: Mastering is the finishing touch that highlights the elements of a solid hip-hop mix and brings it up to standard loudness for any listening platform.

Mr. Mix and Master’s Method

With six Grammy nominations, 53 RIAA platinum and 3 diamond certifications, Vinny D is among the industry’s best hip-hop mixing engineers. From mixing rap vocals to beats and more, Mr. Mix and Master will elevate your most creative ideas with the plug-ins and techniques that make great hip-hop music.

The process is easy — write and record your music wherever you feel comfortable and upload your dry stems to WeTransfer.com, tagging [email protected]. Vinny D will work his magic and send you completed tracks. This is a collaborative process, so send Vinny D your feedback, and he’ll make changes free of charge.

How Much Does Online Mixing and Mastering Cost?

Rates per song for rap and hip-hop mixing and mastering services vary depending on turnaround time. For a three-week turnaround, vocal mixing rates start at $99.99, while mastering starts at $24.99. Beat mixing rates depend on the number of stems, starting at $99.99 for 5-14 stems, $149.99 for 15-24 and $199.99 for 25-40.

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