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Reggae is a beloved genre known for its relaxed beats, powerful lyrics and diverse instrumentation. As a reggae musician, you have the talent it takes to captivate audiences, but you need a high-quality mix to take your sound to the next level. Mixing and mastering reggae beats open up new possibilities for artists across the nation. Founded by multi-platinum producer Vinny DeLeon, Mr. Mix and Master offers online reggae mixing and mastering services for artists with any budget.

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What Makes a Good Reggae Mix?

The best reggae music comes from the heart, but it takes great audio production to give your song the Rasta vibe you want. There are a few essential elements that make an excellent reggae production:

  • Simplicity is key: Reggae implements various instruments and sonic textures, but the best engineers know how to keep things simple. Let the instruments speak for themselves, but use subtle techniques to bring out the most satisfying elements.
  • Tight, punchy rhythm section: Reggae’s off-beat rhythms are essential for achieving that laid-back feel, so a mixing engineer must enhance the bass and drums.
  • Space for every instrument: Each instrument needs its place to shine in a reggae mix. Careful EQing gives each element a home within the frequency spectrum. But just as important is the dead space in a reggae tune. The genre’s creative use of rhythmic pockets leaves vital empty space between beats, contributing to the overall feel.
  • Stereo mixing: With so many instruments covering the entire frequency range, it’s important to strategically pan melodic instruments to make room down the middle for bass, drums and vocals. Reggae is a very raw music style, so it’s important for the listener to feel like they’re in the room with the band. Stereo panning is a simple but effective solution to create a sense of depth.
  • Full dynamic range: Reggae musicians play with a lot of touch that creates a big difference between the quietest and loudest moments of a song. Good audio production should emphasize these dynamics and give the recording room to a crescendo.
  • Stellar mastering: Mixing is only one step in the audio production cycle. Mastering reggae optimizes your finished track for consumption across various platforms by highlighting key frequencies, lifting the overall volume level and more.

How Does Online Mixing and Mastering Work?

Mr. Mix and Master makes online music production easy. Record your music at your home or local studio and upload the tracks to, tagging [email protected]. Vinny D will work his magic and send you mixdowns for feedback. Let him know what you think and he’ll make revisions free of charge.

How Much Does It Cost?

Rates per song for mixing reggae vocals and mastering reggae music vary based on turnaround time. For a three-week turnaround, vocal mixing rates start at $99.99, while mastering starts at $24.99. Beat mixing prices depend on the number of stems, starting at $99.99 for 5-14 stems, $149.99 for 15-24 and $199.99 for 25-40.

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