Online Music Mixing Explained

Music mixing is the key to perfecting the radio ready sound quality. When you are making your album, it is important for you to get the right sound especially when showcasing your music. Each beat, each note, each pulse can make your song rock the charts or make it go into the slump. Hence your music mixing is crucial. So before randomly choosing a site to music mix your tune, you need to check on the sound effects, the background you are in and the audio editor you are planning to use. We are the industry’s leader with an extensive client list and track record to prove it!
So while recording your music you should keep in mind the following:

  • Always wear headphones: You will be able make out the slightest flaw in your mix
  • Volume & Equalizer: Keep in mind the volume and the equalizer while mixing. If any one of them is displaced by even a slight, the mix will sound jarred.
  • Loading on Effects: Don’t overload your tune with unnecessary effects which will ruin the authenticity of your original. Keep it simple. Over-mixing is the disease of a good tune.
  • Mask that frequency: This is crucial to your mix. If you have a number of instruments playing, you need to take care of their frequencies while mixing.
  • Keep your ears alert: While mixing your music you need listen and re-listen. So keep resetting your ears so that you can get a flawless mix.

If you have a song or multiple songs and would like to get the right mix, visit us at We will provide with an industry level music mixing at reasonable costs. Our certified engineer Vinny D will deliver the tune you are looking for, all you need is to provide us with the track and let us make the magic happen. Contact us today for online music mixing, our services will have you coming back for a mix and master each time you record a new track!

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