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Being an artist in today’s music industry means competing with performers across the globe. Digital Audio Workstations have made music a possibility for more artists than ever, so it’s essential to find a way to make your songs stand out among the rest. In this saturated market, high-quality sound production is necessary for drawing in and maintaining an audience — and that starts with a great vocal mix. Mr. Mix and Master makes online voice mixing a possibility for any artist.

Founded by multi-platinum winning producer Vinny DeLeon, Mr. Mix and Master is a convenient online service that will take your songs and make them radio-ready. When it comes to mixing vocals, Vinny D is a proven expert. You have the talent — let Mr. Mix and Master take your work to the next level.

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How Does Online Vocal Mixing Work?

As a multi-platinum audio engineer, Vinny D knows how to give your vocal performance a professional shimmer. Your songs will sound better than ever with a few carefully applied techniques and plug-ins:

  • EQ: Effective vocal EQing targets specific frequencies to make room for your voice and prevent it from interfering with other instruments. A well-EQ’d song gives each element a home along the frequency spectrum.
  • Compression: A dynamic vocal performance is great, but compression optimizes your voice by increasing the level of your quietest moments and limiting your peaks. This way, every word is audible without clipping.
  • De-essing: Mics pick up a lot of sharp hisses from “s,” “z” and “sh” sounds. Pop filters minimize these nuisances, but a de-esser will provide an extra layer of protection against unpleasant sounds.
  • Delay and reverb: These effects create an ambient cushion that blends your vocals into the mix. Creative reverb and delay can work with your song’s themes and create a truly immersive listening experience.
  • Pitch shifting: If you miss a note by a hair or want to create a last-minute harmony, pitch-shifting alters the note you sang and pushes it to a specific note along the scale.

When you send your vocal recordings in for mixing, Mr. Mix and Master makes the process easy:

  1. Record your music: We’re not picky — record your music at home or any studio where you feel comfortable.
  2. Send us your stems: Export your audio files without any effects to give Vinny D. Upload them to and send them over to
  3. Hang tight: Vinny D will work his magic to blend your vocals with your beat. We’ll get your song back to you within your chosen turnaround window.
  4. Receive and revise: When we have a finished product, we’ll return your song. At this point, you can give feedback to make sure it sounds just right. We’ll make revisions free of charge!

How Much Do Vocal Mixing Services Cost?

You don’t need a deal with a major label to sound great. Mr. Mix and Master offers affordable vocal mixing rates that make professional sound quality achievable for any performing artist. Rates vary based on turnaround time:

  • Standard (Three-week turnaround): $100
  • Express (10-14-day turnaround): $135
  • Priority (24-72-hour turnaround): $175

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