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Are you tired of spending hours working on your music at home for a product that doesn’t have the same punch or clarity as your favorite artists? Take your music to the next level with online mixing and mastering. Get your song mixed and mastered by a professional audio engineer with years of training and a shelf full of awards.

Founded by platinum-winning producer Vinny DeLeon, Mr. Mix and Master provides online audio production services that will significantly improve your sound. You have the talent — now let Mr. Mix and Master bring your music to life. Shoot an email to [email protected], and we’ll mix your music for you.

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Why Mr. Mix and Master?

When you work with Mr. Mix and Master, you’ll get your music mixed and mastered by a leader in the music business. With an impressive 53 RIAA platinum and three diamond certifications, plus 6 Grammy nominations, Vinny D knows what it takes to make your music radio-ready. No matter your genre, Vinny D will mix your music online to make it sound exactly the way you want. When he has a finished mix, he’ll master your track — all for a price you can afford.

The Online Mixing and Mastering Process

Get your songs mixed and mastered online for the most convenient access to professional-quality production. From compression to EQ, reverb and more, Mr. Mix and Master will polish your song with the techniques and plug-ins that make radio hits. The process is easy:

  1. Write and record your music in any studio or environment that works for you.
  2. Export your dry stems as wav. files and upload them to WeTransfer.com, tagging [email protected].
  3. Wait for Vinny D to work his magic. He’ll have a finished product for you within your selected turnaround window.
  4. Listen to your tracks and take notes. Vinny D will revise your track free of charge to make sure your song sounds just right.

With Mr. Mix and Master, you’ll love the way your music sounds, and your fans will too.

Affordable Rates for Any Performer

Depending on the service you need, mixing and mastering rates vary based on turnaround time or your project’s size. Give us a call at 904-237-3190 to discuss bulk rates.

Mr. Mix and Master offer three turnaround options — Standard (three weeks), Express (10-14 days) and Priority (24-72 hours).


Beat or instrumental mixing rates vary based on the number of audio files in your recording.

  • 1-14 stems: $99.99
  • 15-24 stems: $149.99
  • 25-40 stems: $199.99


Quickly master your track for the most popular listening platforms at an affordable price.

  • Standard: $24.99
  • Express: $39.99
  • Priority: $59.99


Layer your vocals into a pre-mixed beat.

  • Standard: $99.99
  • Express: $134.99
  • Priority: $174.99


Receive a discount when you choose both mixing and mastering services.

  • Standard: $124.99
  • Express: $174.99 
  • Priority: $234.99

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Professional music production goes a long way. Sign up for mixing services and get your songs mastered online by Mr. Mix and Master to start seeing impressive results.

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