Best Pro Tools Shortcut Key Commands

How to use Pro Tools Shortcut Key Commands

At Mr. Mix and Master, we use different Pro Tools pitch correction, editing notes and finding tempo among other things. This software is exceptional, but didn’t you know there are ways you can make using your Port Tool faster and easier? Pro Tools Shortcuts.

Why is using Pro Tools shortcuts are important?

In this article, we are going to focus on shortcuts. Knowing Pro Tools shortcuts are an incredible course. Why is using these shortcuts exceptional? Because everything you do with your keyboard and mouse, you can do 5 to 10 times faster with a shortcut. Think of it as touch typing. You can choose to type with two fingers for a lifetime, or you learn to touch type and be much faster and be able to focus more which is vital. So here are some shortcuts you can learn from us (Mr. Mix and Master):

  • Option + F: if you have a clip selected and click Option + F makes it huge.
  • Option + A: this option zooms the entire session, and you are can find where you are.
  • Control + up and down: help you change the track height quickly without the need of using the little menus which are slow. If you use the option key, all tracks will follow suit. Also, you can change the waveform hang by using Command + left bracket for smaller or right bracket for bigger.
  • Control + option + command + up arrow: this shortcut shrinks everything down vertically to fit everything on the screen. Combine with Option A for horizontal version, and you have a bird’s eye view in two clicks.

Pro Tools Track controls.

You can do your track controls by hitting:

  • Shift M for MU
  • Shift + S for solo
  • Shift + R for record
  • Shift + I to activate input monitoring or option K, but only if the track is enabled.
  • Commands P for up
  • Commands + ; for down

Pro Tools Grouping features.

Here is what you need to know to get started quickly with Pro Tools.

  • Command + G: helps creates a group after you have selected tracks that you want in the group.
  • Shift + Command + G: suspends all groups.

Pro Tools Duplication commands

  • Command + D: this shortcut duplicates the selected region. Also, use Shift + Option + D, and a little menu will open up.
  • Option + R: repeat duplicating the region.

Creating new tracks

  • Command + Shift + N: brings tracks dialogue.

Cleaning up key commands

  • Shift + command + U: cleans up and remove unused files.

Pro Tools Windows management

  • Command + equal is great for window management.
  • Command + M makes mixer windows a little smaller.
  • Shift + Click: opens several Plugin windows
  • Opting + command + W: closes all Plugin windows.

Playback shortcuts

  • Control + N: makes sure toggle insertion follows the timeline.
  • Shift + /: toggle transport master option.

Pro Tools Automation shortcuts

  • Control + Option or Option + “-“: allows you to toggle waveform and back to volume automation.
  • Control + Option + command + right or left: Change track view
  • Control + option + Command + click on parameter enables automations on a parameter.
  • Control + Command + Click on parameters displays parameter on the track.
  • Control + option + command + click on Auto Button enables all parameters.

Transport button

  • Shift + command + L for Loop playback
  • Shift + Command + P to enable Quick Punch.
  • Option + Command + H: Copy Mix to Aux.

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