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How to Find Tempo of a Beat in Pro Tools

The mixing and mastering processes involve more than what the names may suggest. Among the things included is the pitch correction, notes adjustment and finding the tempo to make a track sound more natural and realistic. At Mr. Mix and Master, finding tempo is probably among the first things we do when you are dealing with two track instrumental that has multiple vocal tracks. So it’s always important to find the tempo while mixing and tracking since it helps with:

  • Easy layering or adding samples if this needs to be done.
  • Tempos matched time should be based on the effects
  • Copy and paste functions in things like repetitive choruses

There are other benefits of finding tempo, but the fact is, it’s a starting point for any session in mixing and tracking.

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How to find Tempo of a beat in Pro Tools.

Finding the tempo of a beat in pro tool at Mr. Mix and Master involves several steps. Once you know the tempo of the track, it will make your life a lot easier. You can easily copy vocal from one course to another and also make the track sound better. Let’s take a look at different ways to find tempo in a beat.

Tapping in Pro Tools

One way to find the tempo in pro tools is simply tapping. You can tap in by pressing the T on your keyboard repeatedly in time of the music. Sometimes you might be working on a slower track. It will give you a more precise result. Once you have the tempo correct, you can zoom to make sure the waveform looks like it’s locked up to the grade.

The best to check if you have the right tempo is to skip further along in the song. This way you can immediately hear and identify the first downbeat. To achieve this, At Mr. Mix and Master, we turn the conductor track on and zoom in to the beginning of the track. We also make sure the waves start right at the beginning of the song.

Identify beat in Pro Tools

Sometimes in the sample music, the tempo may flash away throughout the track. To find the tempo, you need to use to identify beat function in pro tools. To achieve this, you need to turn the conductor track on and zoom in to the beginning of the track. Make sure the waves start right at the beginning of the song. Right at the beginning of the first verse of the song. Find the downbeat of the second bar and give the protocols the same information. To succeed make sure the transient tab is turned on. Make sure the first transient is the first beat of the bar.

Sometimes when you find the grade doesn’t hold true to the track. In this case, you need to add more identify beat markers further along in the song. After finding the tempo of the tempo change, make tempo adjustments, confirm your new adjustments, before going back to the intro.

Finding the tempo of your beat makes everything much easier moving forward. It may seem like a lot of work, but whether you are using tap tempo or identify beat, it’s a great habit to practice. Let Mixing and Mastering engineer Vinny D help you find your tempo in beats. Just click and we will do the rest.