How Waves Renaissance Bass Works

Sometimes, as an audio engineer or a producer, no matter what you do the kick sounds or bass, the efforts are not good enough when trying to perform mixing. You will find that if specific low frequencies are not present in the sound from the word go, there is no amount of EQ’ing that can thicken your sound. This is true, especially when dealing with samples. Fortunately, there are some plugins that can help solve the issues. One of them is the Waves Renaissance Bass.  Here’s How Waves Renaissance Bass Works.

What is the Waves Renaissance bass?

The Waves Renaissance bass is something that has been around for years now. It is included in Waves Audio Plugin Bundles available. It is a classic Plugin that has been around for years and is used to seek punchy bass sound. Some people think this plugin is a bass booster. This can be further from the truth because the cool things about the Waves Renaissance bass is that it is helpful when playing music on sound systems that don’t have a real bass frequency like laptops or radio. It also enables you to have a quieter volume, but still, be able to hear the bass.

How does the Wave bass work?

The work of the Waves Renaissance bass is to allow you to hear the bass in the playing music. To achieve this the plugin using an algorithm that creates harmonics of the low bass and pushes them further up the spectrum. In simple terms, this plugin adds missing fundamentals and reconstructs them and put them across a timeline. By adding the harmonic, you can perceive the fundamentals more clearly and with the kind of bass you want.

The Waves Renaissance bass is very easy for you. At the top bar, you have a frequency control where you have to choose the fundamental frequency you want to use. Then you will also see the intensity and gain control buttons where you can turn it up and down. There is also an input, recreated frequencies and output, and the end. You will also see a peak light as well. The In/Out button is used to toggle the original processes lows and also intensify slider working as volume control if you add some harmonics. The frequency control and slider lets you set the frequency to be processed and the volume control of your final output.

If your mix is in need of lows, use the Waves Renaissance bass and get the good results you want. Set the In/Out button to In, make sure the frequency control is set to 50Hz and also don’t forget to use the intensity slider. Also, put the Gain slider into good use, and you will reach the best sound possible.

Why do you need to use the Waves Renaissance bass?

Wave’s Renaissance bass is used to make your track sound better. You can it on kicks by adding a more subtle, low-frequency extension. The plugin thickens up weak baselines played at higher pitches or bass instruments. There are several fantastic presets to try. These will make a huge difference to your completed mix.

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