Online Music Mastering Tips

Music Mastering is the final stage for perfecting your music. With a large number of musicians completing a total album, music mastering has become an integral part of the the radio ready process. Thanks to the advancement in technology you can just hop online and get your music mastered by us for just $19.99. You must remember that mastering music online is not only about compressing your sound; it is also about the making sure other external sounds do not get added into your final product. Hence you must keep your ears ready and alert as there is no substitute to a good ear, Vinny’s ear is one of the best.

TIPS: On how can you do music mastering online in a few easy steps?

  • While mixing your music, you need to ensure there is no background sound, make sure you are in a room which has minimum acoustics.
  • Since the DAT Format is used while editing you need to fade the music instead of silencing it abruptly, utilize waveform to fade the song right before the next. Do give at an extra second before the next song.
  • When mastering do use a high-quality parametric equalizer. You don’t want to hear the bass and the boom reverberating in your ears.
  • Use SPL Vitalizer which is the software that will give your music the definition that you are looking for as it combines the equalizer with the Vitalizer.
  • While mixing and mastering your music, you must listen to it with headphones on. Your ears are your best guide while mastering music.

If you are not confident in doing mastering your music yourself, we can provide our professional assistance for mixing and mastering your music. Contact us at and get the perfect master at affordable rates! Get your album made for prices worth your money from the industries go to celeb engineer Vinny D.