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How Waves Renaissance Bass Works

Sometimes, as an audio engineer or a producer, no matter what you do the kick sounds or bass, the efforts are not good enough when trying to perform mixing. You will find that if specific low frequencies are not present in the sound from the...


EQ Mistakes 10 You Need to Avoid

Here are 10 EQ Mistakes EQ is a vital tool for mixing engineers use. It’s a crucial arsenal that you can avoid if you deal with mixing and mastering. Abusing it makes the track appear wimpy and muddy. So how can you abuse EQ and start...

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How to Use Auto Tune

How to Use Auto-Tune Have you ever wondered what it takes to Auto-Tune a record? Have you ever heard a perfect Auto-Tuned song and wonder how the vocal effect was achieved? Auto-Tuning a song requires skill and experience in using Auto-Tune. There are various software, plugins...

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A Good Mix Vs. A Poor Mix? Difference

It might seem like differentiating good music from bad music is something that depends on one’s taste. Although to some extent this is true, how would you feel when your mix is rejected everywhere including radio stations? Some people find it hard to interpret whether the...

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What is Music Mixing and Why It Is Important

Music is all about mixing your audio, tracking and mastering. However, it’s pretty usual for musician and non-musician to underestimate the power of mixing and its importance. In the world of music, mixing is a vital aspect of a recording.   Although most people won’t notice...

What is an Audio Mixing Engineer?

What is the Job of Audio Mixing Engineer?

We all know without quality music, we won’t be able to enjoy music. However, for a high-quality final song, there are different types of professionals needed and one of them is an audio mixing engineer. Audio mixing engineers are mixing engineers who have some formal...